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In Avcılar, the foot of the Metrobus stop gate drops the path into a single lane. Therefore, in the morning and evening traffic to you life! If the gate is taken forward with the 100 meter, the traffic infestation will end.
Of course, there is no place in Istanbul where traffic is not heavy, but there are some points that are insane. For example, Avcılar… Especially after the extension of the metrobus to Beylikdüzü, the traffic reached even more maddening dimensions in Avcılar E-5. On the one hand, the crowd at the metrobus transfer points, on the other hand, the irregularity of the bus, minibus and minibus stops, the coexistence of all stops, and the traffic naturally turns into a mess. Not that much. There is another responsible for the traffic in Avcılar, which is the overpass leg.
Social Facilities Since the foot of the Metrobus Station overpass sits on the lake side, the north side road falls from 2 lanes to a single lane. As such, traffic is a lifetime to you! Traffic flows in a single lane at the crossing point, causing long vehicle queues. Especially if you can get past this point during peak hours. What about the solution? The solution is provided by the citizens who pass this point every day and spend their hours in traffic because of the bridge pier.
Ş There is a pedestrian crossing at Haci Sharif, a little behind the bridge. Yet this passage is idle. Social Facilities Metrobus Stop, which narrows the road with this non-functional gate, should be removed. A new bridge should be made to Deniz Sokak, which is located between the Hacı Şerif bridge and the Social Facilities bridge, and the metrobus stop should be moved here. Because this is a very convenient spot for the overpass. Empty and large areas are available for the foot of the bridge and the sea side of Deniz Sokak. So the only thing to do is to take the Social Facilities gateway to the direction of Hunters up to 100 meters. With this simple application, we can get rid of this traffic load.

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