Metrobus contribution to the book fair!

With the addition of Metrobus e Tuyap stop this year, the participation of 600 publishing house does not escape the intense participation.
Publishers say this is pleasing, and sales are better than last year. Underlining that the main purpose is not sales, publishers underline that their main purpose is promotion. At the end of the third day of the fair, we asked the publishers about the situation so far…
Timas Publications
Mustafa Kılıç:
Iyi This year's participation is better than last year. It is also effective in metrobus to come up to Tüyap. Many readers from the Anatolian side flock to this fair. When we look at our three-day sales, it is better than last year. But I have to say that; we publishers are attending these fairs for prestige and promotion purposes rather than sales.
Alfa Publishing Group
Ali Flag:
This year metrobus to come up to Tüyap was very good for the fair. But for us, the sales were quite sluggish at the weekend. Tüyap, the fair a little later than the date of the effect has. Could not advertise. But that's a fair we've been in for years. We're here for the prestige.
Yapı Kredi Publications
Raşit Çavaş:
We attend this fair every year under a certain plan. Better sales this year than last year. Especially the arrival of metrobus was very effective. We are here for prestige and promotion. We are also able to hurt here. That's why we're moving a lot of publicity without getting too stuck.
Daylight Library
Banu Unal:
16 as Daylight Library For years, our aim is to continue our journey in children's broadcasting with great enthusiasm. This year's sales are as expected. I hope it's the same until the show is over. It is worth noting that schools give more importance to book fair. We also entered the fair with the new books of our authors. Behiç Ak and Fadime Uslu's new books are the most popular ones.
Mavibulut Publications
Keriman Güldiken:
When we meet other years, sales are better this year. Especially the arrival of metrobus had an impact on participation. Fatih Erdogan, Burcu Ünsal's books and “Little Prince” are among the most sought after. It is going as we expected so far.

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