Marmaray was musical

Marmaray was musical
A new musical about Istanbul from Tarık Şerbetçioğlu, the author of the musical play "Istanbul Memento", which was staged within the scope of the "2010 European Capital of Culture Istanbul" events and is still being staged in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters.
In the 2012-2013 season, he meets with his audience at the Istanbul Company. "Istanbul and Love" will make its premiere at Caddebostan Cultural Center on Monday, November 26 at 20.30.
Marmaray Yenikapı Shipwrecks Project President Assoc. Dr. In the musical which Ufuk Kocabaş supports in his article about the excavations; the excavations and love of the research are carried out with great care and grace. Inside, the head of the excavation team and researcher Turkey Suleyman teacher alone, excavation project to give support to Turkey came still love alone, US researchers Miss Sofia and Istanbul between Istanbul where they need to connect; Kanunilar Hürrem, Mimar Sinan - Mihrimah, Jüstinyen'n Thedora, İstanbul Sevdası of Piyer Loti, lovers of Kız Kulesi and many loves; this will be integrated with the love of Yeditepeli Sehir-i Istanbul and will be presented to the audience in 'Istanbul and Love' musical.

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