Overpasses Between the Neighborhoods in Manisa

Manisa municipality, içthe melt railway and the neighborhoods of Horozköy, Akpınar and Nurlupınar neighborhoods have been launched.
The first of the overpasses, Akpınar Mahallesi'nde come to the stage of the end, Horozköy and Nurlupınar neighborhoods will be made an overpass said. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa stated that they are listening to the demands of citizens living in Akpınar, Nurlupınar and Horozköy neighborhoods as the Municipality of Manisa. train We started the overpass work to end their crossing. The first one is about to be completed in Akpınar Neighborhood. We will implement them in other neighborhoods, which we counted in order. In addition, in some sections, we are planning to make the underpass for vehicle traffic. The important thing for us is the safety of our people. Bizim

Source : I www.stargundem.co



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