Malikoy Railways Museum

Malikoy Railways Museum
Maliköy railways museum, worth seeing, saddle, saddle, Ankara, Polatli District, Ankara-Eskisehir railway on this beautiful museum and see the tour. In the battle of Sakarya, the wounded soldiers were used as the first intervening infirmary, the ammunition and logistics center and the Moscow military airfield.
The museum, the martyrdom memorial on behalf of 5 bin 713 martyrs, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's civilian clothing monument, 1897 dated German-made locomotive, repaired by TCDD and used by 1909 during the Sakarya Battle station building. Train and airplane sections are accompanied by aircraft and train sounds.
In the museum where the War of Independence is represented by sculptures and visual materials, railway materials used at that time are exhibited.


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