Introduced to Trambus Press in Malatya

The Trolleybus (Trambus) public transport system, which will be implemented by the Municipality of Malatya, was introduced to the press.
Alican Bozkurt, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, made a press statement together with the other officials and public officials. .
Cakir, who started from the Driver School and said that the Trambus system, which will go from İnönü University campus and the Dede Korkut Park in the center to İnönü and Kışla streets and Çöşnük and Battalgazi, has been made ready for the tender, will not answer the question about the cost, reported.
Noting that Trambus, which will be capable of carrying 4 times the passenger capacity of the current passenger capacity, is planned to be put into service in a year after the tender, President Çakır mentioned the advantages of Trambus, which will be connected to electricity at the top and wheel at the top. Emphasizing that it is more economical than 4 in 1 compared to the rail system, Çakır stated that it is environmentally friendly, low transportation cost and 75 percent lower fuel cost than diesel. Stating that the trambus vehicles will consist of 25 and 18 meters, Çakır stated that they will buy 20 vehicles in the first place, and then they plan to complete it to 30. Stating that they will decrease the number of buses running on the same route in the city with the introduction of trambuses, Mayor Çakır said that he will meet with the Minister of Urbanism Erdoğan Bayraktar for the mentioned Trambus in the coming days.
Zeki Sarilar, his supervisor after President Çakır, explained the ways and routes of the Trambus technically.

Source: HaberX




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