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Malatya Elazığ Rail System: AK Party Malatya Member of Parliament and Group Member of the Parliament Mustafa Sahin, "Malatya-Elazığ transportation between the cities taking into consideration every passing day, considering a rail system for the coming years, especially 2023 vision will be integrated," he said.
AK Party Deputy Malatya Mustafa Sahin, the Ministry of Transport in his speech on behalf of the budget talks of the AK Party Group, the transportation traveled by members of Malatya's distance with members of the Commission Minister of Transportation Binali Yildirim demanded the acceleration of services to Malatya.
Giving information about the services in Malatya to the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim and the commissioners
Şahin stated his demands as follows:
“You know the problems with the northern ring road. On this issue, we hope to accelerate the urgency of urgent support. The 2 is being built near the Kömürhan Bridge, which has completed its life. we know that a bridge needs a thousand 250 meters. Considering that transportation between the Malatya -Elazığ provinces is increasing day by day, considering the rail system that will be needed in the following years will be integrated with our vision of 2023. The rail system on the viaduct at the west exit of our province of Malatya has been neglected or ignored in the past, but in our viaduct, which now provides transportation between the east and the east of our Malatya, our Mayor will try to solve the problem of public transportation with a tire system.
Malatya-Divriği-Arapgir, which is located on the road network connecting the north to the south, has the expectations of our citizens from Malatya to accelerate our way through Kemaliye as soon as possible. Because this road will contribute significantly to the development of the Malatya city in the economic sense. We had ferries running between Malatya and Elazığ. One of these ferries was unfortunately not in years of control and there was an accident. 13 people died in that accident.
As a result of the interviews we have made with you, you have instructed two ferries to be sent to the region because it is not appropriate to open the railway bridge to the land transportation. Our citizens in the region are wondering when the next 2 ferry will arrive. Considering the summer population in the region, there will be a serious mobility and the ferries will be relieved as soon as possible. We know that the 54 + 54 of the Malatya-Sivas highway was awarded.
However, it was also attached to the GCC (Public Procurement Authority). Is it possible to make a new arrangement related to the Public Procurement Authority? At least I think that a new arrangement to be made will enable the service to meet with our citizens more quickly. Malatya Yeşilyurt-Adıyaman on the project again, his project was made, in part began the work. On that route, if the road is made in the direction of Malatya - Adiyaman, we have the district of Celikhan, the district of Adiyaman, the majority of which provide connections with Malatya.
We expect your support to accelerate the construction of roads. D Deputy Şahin answered the allegations that the opposition was not able to receive service in Malatya: al We had already completed the 36 mile, which is the double road with 264 before us. Karahan crossing will be launched in the coming days by means of a tunnel at an altitude of 1900 meters. Also, Malatya-Sürgü-Erkenek started in our tunnel in the south of Kahramanmaraş route. Our underpasses in the city have greatly relieved city traffic. 2013 The Battalgazi intersection, which will end in January, will further ease traffic. Apricot will be served in 204 destinations from Africa to Europe and Asia. In this sense, I would like to thank Mr. Minister for their support.

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