Supply Chain Forum was held within the Logitrans Transport and Logistics Fair

“Supply Chain Forum” was held within the scope of Logitrans Transport and Logistics Fair
UTİKAD President Erkeskin stated that there are opportunities for small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies in the global logistics market and said, “It is not dark in terms of future SMEs in the logistics sector. Turn globalization into opportunities for your company ”
Within the scope of Logitrans Transport and Logistics Fair, which was held for the 6th time this year, logistics was also held in the "Supply Chain Forum", organized in cooperation with UTİKAD (International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association) and the German logistics association BVL International, which is recognized as a strong and dynamic communication network. New trends in the industry and Turkish-German cooperation were discussed.
UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin, Minister of State of Germany-Bremen Heiner Heseler, Chairman of BVL Germany. Dr. Ing. Thomas Wimmer, BVL Turkey, Chairman of the Istanbul Department Klaus-Dieter von der Bey and Turkey Metro Logistics Group Supply Chain Chairman of the forum attended as Piotr Dopierala speaker, drawing attention to the economic developments in Turkey, the Turkish-German logistics cooperation will make an important contribution to world trade was expressed.
In the forum held with the participation of local and foreign logistics company executives, industry employees and visitors, UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made a speech on “From Traditional Transportation to Logistics Service Provider” and the role of logistics service providers in the global supply chains has been increasing and the speed of the enterprises in the reshaping global market said they had to optimize flexibility, cost and customer service.
Turgut Erkeskin stated that the increasing competition in the logistics market continued to exert pressure on the supply chain and that the transportation business organizers, in addition to the transport services, shifted to different value added services such as customs, warehousing, distribution, stock management, packaging, packaging, weighing, quality control in addition to the changing logistics demands. he stressed.
“The future is not dark for SMEs”
Noting that there are important opportunities for SMEs as well as large enterprises in the rapidly developing and growing logistics market, Erkeskin said: “Recently, it is discussed whether there is hope for SMEs in the global market. I believe that there is room for SMEs in the supply chain, which is becoming increasingly complex and integrated services. SMEs can continue their existence in this market by using the opportunities created by globalization for them. There is risk for everyone in the market where competition is difficult. I think that small and medium-sized logistics providers need some strategies to maintain their market share in competition. For example, it is possible for small-scale logistics service providers to be more effective and preferred in niche markets with customer-oriented services. SMEs can specialize in a product and service and produce faster solutions to their customers. With differentiation in service, they can protect their market shares by separating from their competitors. At the same time, they can become stronger mechanisms with the common networks and collaborations they have established. In this respect, I do not think that the future in the transportation and logistics sector is dark for SMEs. Customer-oriented services, specialization in the field and service differentiation will make a place for SMEs in this big market. There is a lot of work to do for all of us in the world logistics market ”.
“We want cooperation, not competition”
BVL Germany Chairman of the Board Dr. Ing. In his speech at Thomas Wimmer, he said that despite the decline in Europe, Germany maintained its current status and continued to increase its turnover and load volume in the German logistics sector, where 2,3 million people are employed.
BvL's logistics market, underlining that since cooperation not competition Thomas Wimmer, "is accentuated growing importance of Turkey in the transport safe in the world therefore the cooperation of associations representing the logistics industry of the two countries is important for us. We want to work in cooperation, not competition, "he said.
"Turkey is one of the major port operations in the three countries"
In his speech, he said that the acceleration in the maritime trade in the world would continue its upward movement. Heiner Heseler said they foresee a growth rate of about 6-7 per year.
Noting that the ports of Bremen have an important place in the German economy, Minister Heseler said that Bremen's regional business volume increased significantly despite the economic crisis. Heseler, stressing that Turkey's growth performance of the last 10 years, the world was surprised, said Turkey would make a valuable contribution to the world trade in international goods transport.
State Minister of Bremen Heiner Heseler, said they believe the Turkish-German trade relations will develop in the port area, one of the three most important countries in the field of port operations, he said Bremen's list of Turkey.
“As consumption increases rapidly, logistics becomes harder”
Turkey The Metro Logistics Group Supply Chain Chairman Piotr Dopierala in his speech, world steel consumption rate and stressing that continuously increased the variety of products, the information flow and logistics services was turned into a complex structure gradually in parallel.
“Mergers and partnerships will increase in the market”
In his speech titled “Logistics Cooperation in Supply Chain System”, Klaus-Dieter von der Bey, Head of the BVL Istanbul Department, underlined that intermodality will become widespread with the growth of the world logistics market, therefore, inter-company horizontal-vertical partnerships and mergers will often come to the fore in this process.

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