Konya Tram is Counting Transportation

Konya Tram is Counting Transportation
There are 4 Mayors at the triangulation point in Konya Tram Transportation service;
M. Muhlis Koner, Ahmet Öksüz, Halil Ürün and Mustafa Özkafa,
Konya Tramway Transportation was introduced 109 years ago.
It is possible to evaluate this in two stages. First stage equestrian, second stage electric tram service ..
Let's note right away that no serious work has been shown to open new lines in the electrical phase in 19 years since Ahmet Öksüz President. In this context, the tram services stopped at the appropriate step. According to the media, studies are underway to bring new wagons these days. However, the public's desire focuses on new lines, not new wagons. What's wrong with the wagons in service… While new lines are not added, we do not find it right to invest in new wagons. It is not ingenuity to make underpasses and overpasses for show off, but the trick is to increase the tram lines.
For example, after the train station, Meram, Culture Center-Justice Palace-Karatay University, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gendarmerie Regional Command, Ihsaniye, Five Road, Sille Road and other main points, new wagons are luxury, show or even wastage, moreover, 19 The appropriate step is to count in place. Selcuk University campus built into the call of calligraphy with the phrase of Konya, never sadre is never healing.
Konya Tramway Transportation
After the constitutional monarchy, Konya horse-drawn tram was removed from Thessaloniki in 1917 during the first mayor of Korner, and was brought to Konya and established. Its route was as follows; After the Atatürk Monument, it extends into the city in two branches. One of the arms that started with double scissors in the monument would pass in front of Konya Gazi High School according to the current situation, then after the Atatürk Museum, İdman Yurdu Lokali followed the old Park Cinema. There was a second cross between the Park Cinema and the old army headquarters building.
Ferit Pasha of Konya Province, who was the governor of Avlonya, was able to send the horse-drawn tramway in Thessaloniki to Konya after the electrical operation. Since the trams lost their importance due to the proliferation of motor vehicles and the transportation possibilities, they were removed from time. After nearly half a century, the Mayor Ahmet Öksüz's electric tram (Light Rail System) project and investments were put into practice during Mayor Halil Ürün period; It was also developed during Mustafa Özkafa's presidency.
In the Tahir Akyürek period, new lines were laid only within the Campus in Konya Tram Transportation. Although it is frequently stated that new studies are being carried out in order to provide this modern transportation opportunity in other directions and places of the city, it remains unchanged since no concrete steps have been taken.
In the project produced by Ahmet Öksüz, Halil Ürün was opposed like others. The first electric rail system in Konya, which has caused a lot of political polemics and friction between the beginning of the first studies and the introduction of the first studies, has been delayed for a long time and the 28 September 1993 has been activated with objective evaluation.
Returning to the beginning, the creation of new lines to benefit more people from the light rail system, 19 must be brought up to this day by taking the year before. The basis of this necessity is the acceleration of our tourism, the increase in value added with economic gains and social benefits.

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