Who took the Konya Tram tender?

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In Konya, where half a century of trams were used, the trams named İpekyolu, which were produced in Bursa before the Konya Tramway tender, were also on the agenda.
The 60 new tram was scheduled to be used for public transportation. Skoda firm gave the lowest price while the tender specifications were made according to the requirements of the Skoda company. Now it's a wonder who has the contract
The first concrete step was taken on October 2004 to renew the trams, which have been busy the agenda of Konya for a long time and which were also used as election promises in the elections of local administrations held in 2009 and 17. On 17 October, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality was tendered for the renewal of the rail system in Konya and the purchase of new trams. OSTİM Ankara during the tender process Rail Systems Cluster, in an interview given to the World Newspaper Turkey that there are companies that can tram production in general, have indicated that they are at the beginning of that tram production from silkworm in Bursa, the company is located, by pointing out that when in a period of increased current account deficit, 51 percent of Turkey's rail system was emphasized that the tender should be sought in the general condition of nativism. Despite all these conditions, it was not remarkable that no domestic company participated in the tender of tram on October 17, and the company that gave the lowest price in the tender was the Skoda company in Germany, which was visited by a delegation from the Metropolitan Municipality before the tender.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which performs the tender for the purchase of 60 pieces of trolley vehicles, 58 pen spare parts and 1 pieces for the Alaeddin-university tram line, evaluates the tenders of the tender. In the tender, the lowest bid with the 98 million 700 thousand Euros and the Skoda, according to this offer 1 cost xnumx xnumx thousand euros is equivalent to a thousand wagons. In the tender, the highest price with the 1 million 645 thousand 160 Euro Bombardier gave the company.
Among the 6 companies participating in the tender, one of the most important projects of Konya and one of the most important tenders concerning Konya, there were no domestic companies, all the companies participating in the tender were foreign, and the Skoda company visited by a delegation from the Metropolitan Municipality prior to the tender process. his low bid left question marks in mind. It was claimed that Konya was describing the company of Skoda while creating the tender specifications in the statement, which was stated in the news of Dünya Newspaper before the tender with the words "delivery tender to address". The results of the tender are expected to be made public within the next few days.
The companies participating in the tender and their offers are as follows:
1- Skoda (Czech Republic) 98 million 700 one thousand euros
2- PESA (Poland) 109 Million Euro
3- CNR (China) 110 million 294 bin 788 Euro
4- CAF (Spain) 113 million 931 bin 807 Euro
5- Astra (Romania) 121 million 740 bin 488 Euro
6- Bombardier (Germany) 160 million 315 bin 533 Euro

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