Konya will be the biggest logistics center in Europe

The KTO delegation, which explored the logistics centers of Verona, Bologna and Ingolstadt, which are the largest logistics centers in Europe, learned about the operation of the centers. President of KTO Selcuk Ozturk, the information they have acquired during the trip with the information they will take place in the logistics village in Konya, saying that they will take the initiative to be established logistics companies in Kayseri said they want to take place in the logistics village.
Konya Chamber of Commerce organized a study visit to the biggest logistics villages of Italy and Germany. The 17-person delegation consisting of KTO Council Member Mecit Tekelioğlu and Zerrin Özel and KTO members operating in the international transportation sector under the presidency of KTO President Selçuk Öztürk, with the Verona Logistics Center, which is ranked first in the "European Logistics Centers" list and has the title of the best functioning logistics center in Europe. visited Bologna Logistics Center, which is ranked 4th in the same list. The delegation made examinations in Ingolstadt Logistics Center, which is located in the Bavaria Region in Germany and is known as the city of Audi company. Along with field investigations in logistics centers in Italy and Germany, information was obtained about the business models, infrastructure features, services, contributions to the city where they were established, economic and socio-economic values ​​of the logistics centers in the meetings held with logistics center officials. KTO President Selçuk Öztürk, who met with Bologna Chamber of Commerce officials in Italy as part of the trip, received information about the operation of the chamber and the activities in the logistics center. Öztürk gave information to the Italian authorities about the economy of Konya, and exchanged views on issues that Italy and Konya will cooperate with.
Assessing the visit, KTO President Selçuk Öztürk stated that the logistics village planned to be established in Konya and the logistics centers in Europe were examined in order to determine which works to be carried out. Mayor Öztürk said, eler We visited the logistics centers of Verona, Bologna and Ingolstadt. In our trip in Italy and Germany, we preferred the centers that are not connected to the port as an example to our city. We will give information about the structure and operation of logistics centers. Due to the rapid industrialization, recent rise in international trade and a central geographical position, the establishment of a logistics center in Konya is a must. On the other hand, our trip has been very useful in terms of examining how our members operating in the international transport sector will take part in the structuring of the logistics village council in Konya nakliye.
Participating in the KOSGEB supported tour, the members of the KTO thanked the Konya Chamber of Commerce for organizing the organization by expressing the efficiency of the examinations they carried out on the international transport sector.

Source: Domination

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