What is the Kocaeli Ropeway Project?

What happened to the Kocaeli Ropeway Project?

Kocaeli cable car project, which Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality promised to implement in the local elections of 2009, turned into a snake story.

First, the cost was too much geç

Then there was a discussion about where to go Sonra

For this reason, there has been a tendency not to be forgotten Bu

For the last year, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has been attracting attention as an effort to make Kocaeli cable car project Son

However, we would like to express that we have received no messages from the Metropolitan in the direction of a positive step.

Ya: Let's say ip We gave up this project eme and let's forget about this issue again ”

Or: Let's say, ed We have come to the final point to implement this project için and follow the time to be given:

We have written many times that the Kocaeli Ropeway project is not a big plus for our city, but it will provide psychological benefits.

Source : www.cagdaskocaeli.com.t is

After that, it belongs to the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality tüm

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