The red cable car was well nostalgia!

The red cable car was well nostalgia!
He is also one of the symbols of Bursa Bursa
When the teacher asked us to draw the picture of Bursa, the first thing that came to our mind would be the Green Tomb Öğretmen
Hacivat-Karagöz figure Hac
The summit is a red-colored ropeway that is integrated with the snow-covered Uludağ.
In the textbooks in the sections related to Bursa, the red cable car a
Leaving Bursa without boarding him; doner kebab, chestnut candy, without drinking the ale, Ulucami, without seeing the Green Tomb, knife, silk and towel without leaving anything like ...
In sunny weather, even in the city center alar
We followed your arrival and departure, until it disappeared Geliş
Like the flag that was filtered S
The previous day;
This red-colored ropeway, which has served since 1963, has realized its last expedition UM
This historical expedition, the press members of the Mayor Recep Altepe'ya was fortune.
Located in our newspaper;
I looked at the photograph of President Altepe, looking at Bursa in the red wagon and alone in
From the clouds of nostalgia, they seemed to smile with pride bulut
Recep President;
Although the new ropeway wagons that will be installed in place say that the latest system technology will be the latest model, super comfortable and safer mon
Even though it tells the journey to Uludağ in 20 minutes Ulu
Although the old wagons promised the evaluation in the cable car museum agon
Our eyes will always call that red-colored ropeway!
Perhaps, when the historical events in Bursa are told, ele While the red cable car is still working! Ir, examples will be given.
Oh, President!
It was more than three cents Üç
I wish the new wagons were in the same red tones!
The symbol of a city does not occur easily!

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