500km to Japan

The high-speed train to be developed by the Japan Central Railways company will reach 500 km per hour.
Japan announced its project aimed at developing the world's fastest train. The magnetic levitation train (Magnev) class will be able to train at full 500 km per hour. The 350 km between Japan's capital Tokyo and Nagoya will be reduced to 40 by 2027.
The train, which will be presented as the Maglev series L0 model, is considered to be a very important project for the future of magnetic rail trains. Magnev technology, developed in 1970s, allows the train to move without contact on the rails. Briefly, the train traveling through the air is able to reach much longer distances much faster as the friction goes down to zero.
The title of the fastest train in the world belongs to the train developed by the CRS company of China, although it is not in service. The train, which has six wagons and has a knife-like design, increases its aerodynamic properties and is made of light plastic, magnesium alloy and carbon fiber.
22.800 kW energy train, 2011'da 500 300 in the test reached the speed of km. Prior to that, the world's fastest train record was on the train operated by China High Speed ​​Rail. The passenger train is able to speed 9.600 km per hour. The energy used by the train is XNUMX kW.
The next generation of the Japanese Magnev train is an 14 wagon and is planned to carry a thousand passengers. The most important question asked for the moment is how much the ticket price of the trains will go.

Source: VATAN

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