Businessmen of Izmir visited Marmaray

First of all, the people of Izmir, who came up with the idea raised by Kordon Businessmen Association and who gained different dimensions with political explanations, started to visit Istanbul. The two-day program to Istanbul by plane 40 delegation continues to visit projects. The delegation, which started to work under the leadership of Rıfat Sait, a member of the AK Party in İzmir, visited the Marmaray Project, which was firstly carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The delegation, which carried out investigations in Üsküdar section of the project, followed the works in the tunnel.
Sait, who looked at the works and the retinue received information from the authorities. Sait said that the project is a very big work and it continues at full speed. Devam This project is carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. Minister Binali Yildirim should be congratulated. Important studies will continue in Izmir, İzmir he said.
Saek, who has been working for many years, but could not be opened due to the troubles, has criticized the İzmir subway via the work on the Metro line, and was loaded to the Metropolitan Municipality of the Republican People's Party (CHP). Sait ifade Aziz Kocaoglu states that there is a problem in the Izmir subway and the tender process is failing and in some things he puts forward different reasons when things do not end. If the president wanted, he could finish the subway in Izmir. Don't bother with other things. Let's do these things first. Let's finish the technical work. We need to do business instead of dealing with entertainments and shows. This type of big projects in Istanbul continues to be successful. so the AK Party winning in Turkey. Izmiris also need to see these services now. We're trying to explain it. Of course, our work and our project has been drawn to different places. Here's the project, work here. Minister Binali Bey, under the leadership not only in Istanbul was a great bear the weight all the important things in yapılıyor.izm metro in Turkey. As an İzmirite, we want to complete the project. Local elections are already a year. We'll finish if they don't. Ğ
Last minute decision to withdraw from the program with the decision of Kordon Businessmen Association President Ömür Şanlı and Cord traders talking about Sait "We'll do the tour," we said. We did. Earlier I said 'Besa bes'. In other words, this means 'promise word'. We kept our promise. We need to ask those who do not fulfill their promise. Söz
When the company official, Gökhan Göker Marmaray Project, said that the distance traveled in one and a half hours by the road can only be passed in 4 minutes. . One-way 70 will be able to move a thousand people in one direction, Gö said Göker.

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