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The Chamber of Architects proposed that common roads be used instead of separate roads for the new rail option in transportation.
After İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Üçkuyular - Halkapınar tram project, the Privatization Administration gave a negative report, Hasan Topal, the Head of the Chamber of Architects, said that the project should be shared with the public and discussed with the alternatives before it reached this stage. Topal said that instead of cutting down trees and making a separate road in Europe, the tram shares the same road with vehicles.
Shared in society
Hasan Topal, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects, stated that Izmir, the transportation plan of the maritime, subway, tram and tire-wheeled transport has separate locations and routes, and that there are some propositions related to the tram project. Topal, or However, the most important problem in the city is that projects are not shared with the community. This is not done about the route and strategies. It is useful to share such projects with the public, to discuss them in academic environments and to get opinions in professional chambers. Bu
Hasan Topal said that in the city centers where historical and traffic density is located in Europe, tram lines use the same routes as vehicles in normal traffic, not by cutting the trees, trees and trees. Stating that this situation creates a traffic culture, Topal said, arı For example, if the tram crosses the Fevzipaşa Boulevard, he will not choose this route that comes with his special vehicle. Or he will take the tram itself, Ya he said.
Mithatpaşa should be used
Topal, the tram project, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Mithatpaşa Street instead of passing through the said, desi Coast Boulevard due to traffic density of the boulevard bordering the city from the sea already. As for the trolley new serious problems will arise. The coastal projects of the Metropolitan Municipality do not reach its target. The tram should be a bit more in the urban texture. Mithatpaşa Ceddesi'ndan can pass, '' he said.
Tramway project, the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration's report prepared within the scope of the Alsancak Cruise Plan within the transportation report was brought to the agenda again with the negativity of the tram. The report emphasized that the line would create drawbacks.

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