Izmir should take the example of Istanbul

Kadir Topbaş, who made a tour of the Bosphorus with the representatives of Izmir, the businessmen, NGO and media representatives of the AK Party, said, ile Istanbul, which has made so much investment from its own property, is a model model for the world. We have systems not in other municipalities in the world. We are ready to share this information with all of our cities. Bu
Rıfat Sait: u İzmir should take Istanbul as an example Sa R
Izmir, non-governmental organizations, businessmen and press members of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has the opportunity to see the investments and services in place stating that the AK Party Izmir deputy Rifat Sait, Izmir to take a sample instead of going to Istanbul to come to Istanbul, he said.
In Istanbul KadıköyRıfat Sait, who stated that they had the opportunity to see many investments such as Kartal Metro water, İBB Promotion Tent and Miniaturk, said that they want İzmir to meet local development. Sait stated that they personally determined that Istanbul has a very different dimension in the local administration area, and pointed out that President Kadir Topbaş is one of the people with his humble attitude.
Uk We had the opportunity to see many investment and service places in Istanbul and we were proud of it. We are proud and appreciated by Mr. Kadir Topbaş for his investments and services in Istanbul. I would like to thank him for his hospitality. Bize
Look at the developments in Istanbul
Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that he was happy to host İzmir residents in Istanbul and said ğ You have given honor to all of us İzmir. Stating that Istanbul and the Bosphorus have a beauty that is not envied by any city and that the city has envied it, he said that Istanbul is a real city of peace, because different cultures live in peace for centuries.
Turkey economic and trade as sırtlayan Istanbul's three big empires because doing is describing a culture and city tourism against those responsible for the world Topbaş, "Mr. continuing the local management approach initiated by Prime Minister to serve day and night in Istanbul. Instead of states, we said that we will race Istanbul with the largest cities in the world such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo. Today, we are looking at all the world cities in Istanbul. Our guests coming from abroad often speaks of this. Yurtdış
Istanbul is ahead in the race with world cities şehir
Istanbul 8.5 52 year by investing in capital resources XNUMX billion by making a great transformation, without taking any special resources from the government, money and human management by applying the best way they expressed Topbas, said:
“Izmir and Ankara benefited from the support package announced by our government regarding the subway. We have not received anything yet. What you see in Istanbul right now KadıköyWe made subways such as Kartal and Esenler-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy with completely our own money. We have succeeded in these studies by using our resources very accurately. Our investments put Istanbul ahead in the race with world cities. We did this with Istanbulites and our team. In our third term, Istanbul will be moved to a much different point from here. We will use disaster risk as a chance for the city to be renewed. We will create a brand new city with very beautiful projects. ”
They carried Istanbul to the 9th rank from far behind with the facilities held in the world congress class. KadıköyMayor Kadir Topbaş, who explained that the Eagle Metro is one of the world's leading subways made with the latest technology and that 57 intersections were built in Istanbul during the Republican era, they made 259 intersections and 405 kilometers of new roads.
Istanbul is a school İstanbul
"The Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) and the World Association of Local Governments (UCLG) Istanbul because I'm not the president, not only for Turkey, but a model for the world. TBB Presidency is open to all local governments and Istanbul is a school. I would like to emphasize here that we are ready to share all kinds of knowledge and experiences that will enable the development of our cities and our country, apart from political perceptions, regardless of the institutional perception. Technical teams from many continents, including America, Europe, want to learn our work and methods from us. I would like to remind you that Istanbul is a municipality that uses the best information technology in the world. We have systems that compete with the world, not in other municipalities in the world. Perhaps we cannot explain them very modestly. However, Istanbul succeeded. This knowledge and experience is a value of our nation and we are a large family of 75 million. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with all our cities. Bu
. We are very proud to serve Istanbul by working underground and ground by working 7 hours 24 hours with the logic of a businessman. I believe that you have enjoyed these works as representatives of civil society, business world and media, ize said Mayor Topbaş. Le I wish that all of our cities' managers will work for the future of our country in the same way. Because we are not permanent in these authorities, these are the relics given to us by our nation. Every work we do is for the welfare and future of our nation. Hz. As Rumi said, 'The generation of a generation will prepare for the future.' The most important way to achieve this is to integrate with the public. Again Hz. Mevlana, 'who speak the same language, but those who share the same feeling,' he says. We have achieved such a success because our emotions coincide with our nation Bizim.

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