Izmir Metropolitan Municipality rail systems budget determined

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality rail systems budget determined
The total budget of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZSU and ESHOT for 2013 was determined as 4 billion 140 million 13 thousand 553 TL.
Budgets including large investments such as the construction of the new Fairground, tram, and the Torbalı section of the suburban line, such as rail systems, will be finalized at the end of the negotiations and voting at the Metropolitan Municipality Council, which will end on Friday, November 24.
Metropolitan Municipality made its financial planning for 2013. The municipal organization İZSU will set out with a budget of 1 billion 163 million 882 thousand TL, ESHOT 678 million 131 thousand 553 TL, and the Metropolitan Municipality 2 billion 298 million TL. The total of the three budgets will be 4 billion 140 million 13 thousand 553 TL. The most important investments in the Metropolitan Budget were again reserved for transportation. 2 million TL for Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay 55nd stage construction of the subway under construction, 35 million 200 thousand TL for the new line to be added to the suburban system in Torbalı direction; 20 million TL for the purchase of metro vehicles, 34 million 600 thousand TL for the construction of tram lines from rail systems, 56 million 797 thousand TL for the development of the signaling system, 10.5 million TL for the Buca-Yeşildere connection road (Uçanyol). 173 million TL for the asphalting works throughout the city, 20 million 800 thousand TL for the multi-storey car park construction, 10 million TL for the ropeway renewal and 10.5 million TL for the social life campus were included in the budget.
Gaziemir New Fair Area was one of the most important allocations in the budget. 259 million TL of the total value of 690 million 120 thousand TL, which is expected to be answered by the PPA for the tender result for the constructions, was put into the 2013 allowance. For the construction obtained through the competition and whose application project is in preparation, the Karşıyaka 2 million TL was reserved for Zübeyde Hanım Opera. In the budget 26 million 270 thousand TL was put in kind to the poor and needy.
In ESHOT's 678 million 131 thousand 553 TL budget, 144 million TL worth of new bus purchase and air conditioning installation investment drew attention. This resource tender will be used for the purchase of 300 solo buses, 100 articulated buses and 30 midi-buses whose tenders have been completed. In addition, air conditioning will be installed in the existing 133 buses without air conditioning in 2013.
IZSU 2013 Fiscal Year budget was determined as 1 billion 163 million 882 thousand TL. Among the major investment items in the budget, Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant 4. 25 million TL for the construction of 40 million TL, Sludge Digestion and Drying Plant for the Phase Construction, 32 million 500 thousand TL for the rainwater collection system, and 36 million 980 thousand TL for the drinking water and diarrheal lines were allocated. For expropriations, 7 million will be spent on 900 thousand TL. Budgets of the Municipal Assembly will end on Friday November at 24.

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