The collective labor agreement concerning İZBAN mechanic and employees has been concluded

The collective labor agreement concerning İZBAN mechanic and employees has been concluded
The collective bargaining agreement involving the mechanics, technical personnel and box office officers in the Aliağa-Menderes Line, which was carried out jointly by the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was concluded by the High Arbitration Board. While the average percentage of employees was 30, fires, children, night shifts, festive bonuses and training aids were not available in previous contracts. The new collective agreement, which will be valid for two years, will also apply the 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 raise rate.
Turkey is one of the most important projects of the central government and the local authorities have launched a collective bargaining agreement Aliaga the personnel involved in the Meander Line resulted. The work carried out by İZBAN Company, which was established jointly by TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, did not agree with the employers. The union to which the workers were affiliated took the case to the High Arbitral Tribunal with the attitude of the Demir-İş Trade Union affiliated to Türk-İş.
The High Arbitral Tribunal made the decision after the process, which was decided to be dismissed by the mechanic's actions and the mechanics were dismissed and then taken back again. According to the YHK decision, the workers decided to raise the average percentage of 30. 6 has decided to sign an 2 annual contract with employees who are divided into different categories as mechanic, technician, technician, operator, boxers and correspondent-administrative personnel. The staff will receive 4 per cent in the first six months, a three percent increase in 4 every six months. Accordingly, the raise rate was expressed as 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 and many social benefits were added to salaries.
Prior to this, there were many positive decisions from the new contract made for personnel who didn't charge 960 TL for 200 TL and 90 TL for other personnel. In the first six months, many other rights were granted to the personnel who would receive an increase of TL 75 over the net salary. According to the contract, Night work compensation will be paid at the rate of 15 in proportion to the amount of time worked in the Night work. Technicians, technicians and machinists will be paid 2 TL per day, all other employees will be provided with a workforce compensation of 1,5 TL per day. Cashiers and cash registers will be paid at the rate of 5. Excess studies will be paid at the rate of 60, while the work on weekends and national holidays will be given at the rate of 50. Each year 2 will be paid two bonuses for twenty-five days each day. 200 TL will be paid for Ramadan and the feast of sacrifices. Each month 30 TL will be provided with fuel aid. 175 TL marriage assistance will be made if workers get married 175 TL birth benefit will be paid if the employee or their partner gives birth. There will be 20 TL child allowance per child, limited to two children, once a year 150 TL for each child attending primary school, 200 TL for each child studying in secondary education, 300 TL for every child studying in tertiary education. Employees with annual paid leave will be granted 150 TL allowance. Severance pay to be paid in the amount of daily gross amount of gross wages 35.
Transportation maritime and communications minister Binali Yildirim, who caused the mechanic actions that caused the locks to be locked in Izmir, solved the problem solved by sending a mechanic from Ankara. The parties that do not agree on the table for a long time will comply with the decision of the High Arbitrator. According to the workers' salaries in the hands of the workers with a thousand 300 TL will exceed.
”Make it HAYIRLI“
Explaining that they made a long and intense effort in the process of the Izmir Branch of the Iron-Work Union Chairman Huseyin Ervuz said they wanted to solve the problem on the table. Ervüz stated that the issue went to the High Arbitration Board because the employer did not come to the collective bargaining table with the proposal. Especially the festive benefits and bonuses are important. Good for the employees, Çalışan he said.

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