İZBAN re-opened

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the AK Party deputies do not know the job, do not know, disobeying accused of showing, especially one of the Metropolitan Municipality has worked to deal with the Metropolitan Municipality said. explained that it should be taken.
Kocaoglu, two months before the election will pour the stones at the skirt of everyone, er will go to the square, who will do what, what he did, what will be certain by specifying said: belli Who stood where, what struggles, who the public, who is on the side of the right side of the Izmir commune is discussed and the conclusion can be reached Koca said. Kocaoglu with this speech without giving his name criticized the AK Party deputy Aydin Sengul.
Plots in the account
Kocaoglu, the suburban line TCDD and the investment made by the Metropolitan Municipality has re-discussed the discussion on the amount of investment. Kocaoğlu said that the subject of İZBAN was shaken, leştir The investments made by the French, the British, the investment invested by the Great Leader, Musatfa Kemal Atatürk, and those made during the last Ecevit Government period, and the land values, are also placed in the account of İZBAN. Our investment in the 650 million TL will reach 700 million TL is trying to show a small investment, tı he said.
Şirinyer Project on the road
Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting on the previous evening, which caused controversy in the Şirinyer Park plan on the objections to the zoning and Public Works Commission came to the agenda. Chamber of City Planners, Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Landscape Architects İzmir Branches and individual objections were not approved by the commission. In the parliamentary vote, objections were rejected unanimously. Professional chambers in the green space in the plan of the commercial construction of the place was put forward. After this decision of the Assembly, the chambers of profession will apply to the court for the suspension and cancellation of the execution of the plan.

Source: Nationality



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