Islamabad Mayor Tahir Shahbaz Syed visited IETT and learned about BRT

Pakistan's capital, Islamabad Mayor Tahir Shahbaz Syed visited IETT and got information about public transportation systems and metrobus in Istanbul.

Pakistan's Capital Islamabad Mayor Tahir Shahbaz Syed IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı and IETT Deputy General Managers Mümin Kahveci, MD. Hasan Özçelik and Mashuk welcomed. Later in the meeting, a presentation was presented to the guest chairman, IETT. Following the presentation, the Mayor of Islamabad, a population of 1,3 million, was informed about the public transport system of Istanbul, the application of BRT and new projects.

IETT General Manager Dr. In his speech here, Hayri Baraçlı emphasized the seven quality certificates that IETT has received recently and will send documents with international standards to IETT in the future. kazanHe underlined that they will continue to climb. Stating that they aim to increase the service quality by managing time, money and human resources correctly, Baraçlı said, “We apply Japanese management standards at IETT. We have also established our own management standards. We have established the IETT call center for the satisfaction of the passengers and the public, and this center also serves Istanbul residents 24 hours a day.” said.

Pointing Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and in Pakistan's success is Turkey's success' General Manager of Baraçlı he expressed goal of finding what they want in Islamabad as sharing knowledge and labor.

Mayor stated that Islamabad Tahir Shahbaz Syed thanked the Director General for Baraçlı's views and wishes, "Turkey and Pakistan with the history of cultural relations as close. In Pakistan, everyone loves Turks and admires the Turks. We welcome every help the Turks will do to us. We would like to cooperate with IETT on transportation konusunda.

After the meeting, the guest was presented as a gift of a nostalgic tram model of Istanbul. The guest President and İETT Deputy General Managers made a trip to IETT CER Workshop and Tunel after the meeting.

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