III. COLLECTIVE TRANSPORT WEEK TRANSİST 5. 26 November-02 will be held in Istanbul Fair Center between December-2012

IETT will organize this year T III. MASS TRANSPORT WEEK, (TRANSIST 2012) 5. De 26 November-02 will be held on December 2012 at the Istanbul Congress Center.
In addition to many different events within the scope of Public Transportation Week, the symposium will be held on 28-29 November and a fair will be held on 28-29-30 November. Delegates, academicians and industry professionals will participate in the symposium “4E erece (Energy, Ecology, Activity and Economy) theme will be examined. The fair, which will be organized together with the symposium, will bring together all authority institutions and organizations, and bring together the latest innovations and rational solutions in the transportation sector with its visitors. In addition, IETT's deep-rooted history will be revealed in a fashion show will be held. Examples of the uniforms worn by IETT employees (patrons, drivers, ticket makers) from the foundation to the present will be exhibited by mannequins. In addition, historical photographs which were created as a result of archival works and which have traces of the public transportation history of Istanbul will be presented to the visitors under the name of izler IETT Photography Exhibition from Past to Present toplu. It will host many different events such as concerts and competitions yarışma III. Public Transportation Week, Transist 5. Transportation Symposium and Fair ar 26 will open its doors for visitors at the Istanbul Congress Center between November-02 December 2012.

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