Haydarpaşa veto from IMM to TCDD

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, TCDD, due to the loss of rights suffered in the Haydarpaşa Port due to Road Tube Passage did not allow the right to zoning.
TCDD, the "Istanbul Strait Highway Transit Tunnel Project" because of the loss of zoning rights, the construction of the port to be given to them as a right to build construction.
On the other hand, the City Planning Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul considers that the construction right given to ıla E: 0.03 and H: 2 cannot exceed solid u is sufficient for the buildings and facilities and ediy Active Green Area ehir located in the coastal region. Considering the importance of the view of the historical peninsula and its importance in terms of the Bosphorus Silhouette, it should be open to ğ public use u and should remain as i Active Green Area man.
The Municipal Assembly, "1 / 5000 scale plan prepared by the City Planning Department to make changes in the information sheet, the 1 / 5000 scale plan provisions other than the protection of the provisions of the" prepared by the Zoning Commission report, rejected the demand of TCDD.

Source: Yurt Newspaper



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