Fast Train to Make a Difference

Fast train
Fast train

Fast Train Will Make a Difference: Nowadays, time is very precious, journeys have been made with caravans for days. Now is; It is obvious that high speed trains will contribute positively to our lives in social and economic terms. Trains are a bridge with our family, relatives, friends and loved ones ecek Especially when the latest facilities of technology are added at the moment there is no speed to say tren Trains have added a nostalgic and different air to our lives. Addressing the valentine, "black train is delayed, maybe never come," he said. The history of the trains that have been subject to many more songs cannot be told.

I boarded the first high-speed train from France to Germany to see my aunt. You are not aware of the speed at all, but he wings on the wing and almost like flying tak

A high speed train from Ankara to Konya provided great relief. The two cities provided / provided many conveniences, making it as close as two neighborhoods.

Making high-speed trains is not as easy as it seems. Developing a high-speed train is the face of the iceberg. The transportation vehicles we entrusted to our lives are reliable and serious. TCDD's 6 very high-speed train set in the tender of the company with a big difference with the nearest competitor of the CNR Changchun company 98.764.876 TL can explain the reasons why. most capable of production with high technology in the world in high-quality facilities of Turkey's new high-speed train, met all the requirements of the Administration, is scheduled to be generated. Tools which are still in operation in many countries, from Australia, New Zealand and taking into consideration the closest to Turkey's interests with 98.764.876,152 TL price advantage among the competitors in the last auction, sincerity he heard our country clearly seen CNR Changchun's powers are pleased to move is the latest standard for our country By stating that they will be heard, they underline that they will successfully complete a project with their production in accordance with ISO, UIC and TSI standards. Turkey is now waiting for a moment before the end of this project evaluation and take delivery of the new trains a moment ago.

These works, which will bring great relief in terms of transportation to Konya, also provide a fundamental solution to the transportation problem of the city. Increased its strength in intercity competition.

From Istanbul to Ankara, Konya will probably be an important station of the North West-South East high-speed railway corridor where the Marmara-Mediterranean corridor will be connected to each other in less than 5 hours with the Karaman Mersin line. Therefore, instead of considering this line as a line connecting Ankara and Konya, it would be more accurate to evaluate the contributions that will be made by considering the whole.


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