High-speed train work continues in full swing, Turkey jumped era in transportation

Governor Ali Kolat, who continued his visits and investigations from the day he took office, met with State Railways Director Mehmet Görücü last day. High-speed train work showcased on information from the field Kolat, he said that Turkey's transport skip era.
Governor Ali Kolat visited the State Railways and Ziraat Bank located on Zafer Street. Kolat first met with DDY Manager Mehmet Görücü and got information about High Speed ​​Train works.
Kolat stressed that the high-speed train will become the center of attraction of Kirikkale and that the high-speed train project is planned to be completed in 2015.
With passengers at the train station after the visit sohbet Governor Kolat asked where the passengers would go. Later, Kolat checked the fountain in the garden and informed the journalists about the high-speed train works.
The project will be completed in 2015 indicating that the Kolat, Kırıkkale transportation center, the project will be the transportation capital, he said. Kolat reminiscent of the transition point in Turkey's transport, has announced it will be given to transport projects.
Expressing the importance of the projects carried out in the field of transportation, Kolat said: ın In recent years there have been serious developments and studies in the field of transportation. State Railways increased speed when we look at it. It's so good developments in Turkey.
Turkey jumped era with steps made in the sense of Transportation. When we look at the railway, I see that we don't have a physical problem. We see the projects that are suitable for the era. We give importance to projects for the transportation of our people. Our works and projects are going on in the highway da.
Indicating that the importance of the transportation centers of Kırıkkale is very large Kolat, said they give importance to all projects in the field of transportation. indicating that the deformation in the project followed closely and that the work for the construction of the project Kolat "When we look at many of the provinces of Kırıkkale is located in the middle of the highway and transit point for Turkey's full.
Kırıkkale, which connects the North to the South, the West and the East, is very important for us. For this, I care about the work of highways in Kırıkkale and follow them personally k.
Ankara-Sivas high-speed train project will be completed by the end of the 2015 said that the project will be done Kolat Ankara and Sivas between the hours will fall to 2 said. High-speed train will pass from Kırıkkale Kolat, Kirikkale more important projects on the follow-up, he said.
Kolat, ile High-speed train project continues at full speed. We will do the project between Ankara - Sivas 2 hours will fall. The high speed train project will pass through Kırıkkale. This is an important study model. Bu Lastly, Governor Kolat visited Ziraat Bank and received information from bank manager Bekir Bayram about the works.

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