High-speed train services slowed in Konya due to theft

The thief who stole the security cables going to the high-speed train rail line in Konya caused the expeditions to slow down, while the suspect was caught in a short time.
- The thief stealing the energy and security cables going to the High Speed ​​Train rail line in Konya caused a disruption to the trips. The police, who took action with the appearance of the fault, caught the thief with the cables he stole after the chase.
The incident occurred on the High Speed ​​Train line in Horozluhan District of the central Selçuklu district. According to the information received, a warning signal came from the rail line when the high-speed train went to Konya-Ankara. The authorities then reported the situation to the police on the grounds that the persons who entered the sabotage or without permission had harmed. The teams affiliated to the Public Security Branch Directorate, which instantly switched to the scene, realized that a person had escaped by bicycle. After the chase, the person on the bike was quickly caught by the police. It was revealed that the captured person was Mustafa K. (30), who had close to 30 records from theft, and cut the cables that entered the high-speed train line and secured the rail system with low voltage electricity. Police seized the cables while detaining the suspect. "I was unemployed and needed money, I stole the cables to sell," Mustafa K's statement allegedly caught theft, allegedly said.
On the other hand, as a result of cutting the cables provided by the safety of the rail system, it was learned that the speed of the high-speed trains was reduced and the mechanists had to be done with the eye tracking.

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