Malatya Municipality Mayor Çakır, Transport exam is left! | Transportation in Malatya

Malatya Municipality Mayor Çakır, Transport exam is left! | Transportation in Malatya
In July, "Is it a light rail or trolleybus to Malatya?" We wrote an article titled. In the meantime, we could not see any explanation from the municipality in the press about this. Unfortunately, Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır's project, which is a transportation test for Malatya, is still continuing with the same mentality. We saw that this mentality did not change when Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır and his team announced the promotion of Trambus (Trolleybus). In the statement, Ahmet Çakır stated that they preferred this because of the economical, environmentally friendly and low infrastructure costs in public transportation. Ahmet Çakır, who leaves the questions about the cost of Trambus, which will make trips to the central points of Malatya, is unanswered. He added that this will become clear after the tender.
Ahmet Çakır, who stated that this system, which will have a transportation capacity of 4 times greater than the capacity of the Municipality in Malatyada Transportation, now brings less cost than the rail system, added that 20 vehicles will be bought in the first place, and that they will be completed later by 30. . Ahmet Çakır announced that they will discuss the issue with the Minister of Urbanism Erdoğan Bayraktar in the coming days.
Yes, this is the summary of the subject. We'il wait and see for it. However, we would like to note that the question marks in our previous article are still not resolved. These questions are listed below to remind you:
What is the rate of use of Trambus in other cities and in the world, where you have indicated the cost differences between the light rail system?
Can you tell the difference between Traleybüs and Trambus, which were used in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir for a short time and then removed?
While light rail system is used in all big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and even when new investments are made, what kind of pluses or minuses of Malatya is going to be passed to metropolitan status?
As a last word, we want to announce that we are behind everything that is good for Malatya and that we will continue to ask the account of the mistakes made.

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