Fire in Haydarpaşa Station Neglected

Haydarpasa Train Station
Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Station 8217 fire out of neglect: the fire with the roof of the ash date Haydarpasa Train Station in the first hearing of the case, the first degree of the historical monuments of the work of the unskilled worker was left in the hands appeared.

Kadıköy The first hearing, which took place two years after the oil at the 1st Criminal Court of Peace, was attended by the owners of the subcontractor İfort, İhsan and Hüseyin Kaboğlu, and other worker Zafer Ateş. İhsan Kaboğlu, one of the owners of the company, who was charged with the use of fireproof materials and experienced workers for up to one year in prison for the isolation of the historical station, said that he was in a wedding on the day of the incident. The accused worker Zafer Ateş, on the other hand, is not licensed, stating that he has a certificate. They had the water pipe repaired. "We drained the waters," he said.

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