Gaziantep Light Rail Road will open up

Gaziantep Light Rail Road will open up
The Metropolitan Municipality provides an aesthetic view to the Light Rail System route and the main artery.
There are different geometric designs in the areas where there are pedestrian crossings and illumination systems created at the crossroads by the Metropolitan Municipality.
In the statement made by the Department of Science, it was stated that 'winter seasonal flower planting works were carried out on the Light Rail System route starting from Karataş and Burç Junction and extending to the Station Square.
Stating that they aim to add a different atmosphere to the aesthetics of the city in the areas where the Light Rail System route stops are located and the flowering works on the route, Hasan Sülü, Head of the Department of Science, said, we used plant type.
So far, we have planted approximately 550.000 flowers, including 400.000 pansies and 950.000 tulip bulbs, in the parks, gardens, refuges and crossroads within the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. "We aim to plan a total of 1.000.000 plants until the end of November".

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