Environmentally friendly buses to Gaziantep

Gaziantep BüyükşCity A protocol signing ceremony was held for the 80 environmentalist buses purchased by the Municipality from MAN and OTOKAR companies.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall in the foyer of the signing ceremony in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Asim Guzelbey, Gaziantep so far the problem of transportation and buses solved the bus, he said. The biggest problems of metropolitan cities in transportation and transportation of these problems as the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep voicing that they live in other big cities tram, light rail system and metros are active. Gaziantep's population grows as much as the population of Osmaniye every year and the situation reflects the transfer of the Güzelbey, noted that they move to distance from transportation.
After taking the office and the infrastructure of great care have been taken to express that they have great care, especially in the new intersections of transportation, alternative roads and tram, buses and dolmuşlarını minimized the city said. In this direction, they have made an international tender and the firm won the tender that the beautiful company, 50 small-sized bus MAN company 30 small-sized bus OTOKAR said that they received from the company.
As a municipality, Güzelbey produced natural gas from the rubbish and these new buses are working with natural gas. He also emphasized that there are buses that have economic and at the same time environmentally friendly buses, air conditioners and cameras.
The first domestic tank and all the domestic OTOKAR firm with a tender that they have taken the 30 bus, which indicates that they took the total number of 80 buses. Transferring these buses to low-floor, environment-friendly, natural gas, Güzelbey said, l Our heart is in favor of the 80 bus service in Gaziantep in March. For this reason, we want to add a new vision to the transportation of Gaziantep. Immediately after the 107 bus in the new year will put into operation, X he said.
In 2013 tram President Güzelbey stated that they wanted to take the parliamentary decision of the foundation of the Abraham and immediately put the base of the Karataş line into service. We expect these figures to be 35 thousand after İbrahimli comes into play. Together with them, we aim to carry daily 60 thousand passengers in Gaziantep. This is realistic figures, not a utopia. We are willing to solve the problem of the people of Gaziantep about transportation by using the most modern and modern vehicles in the middle of 100. I wish the new buses would be beneficial to the people of Gaziantep hayır.
In the city of public transportation, 100 said that they aim to carry a thousand people per day, and that they are planning to solve the problems related to transportation of the people of Gaziantep with the most modern system and in this respect they plan to buy 2013 new buses in 107.
Ihsan Karsli, an OTOKAR company official, said that he was proud to give a bus to his hometown and added, ise Otokar firm is a hundred percent Turkish production. It is a company where local engineers work. Today, I am happy to bring these domestic buses to Gaziantep. Bugün
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is developing and changing rapidly. Inc. Marketing Director Eren Gündüz said, esi Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is an example for everyone. 50 bus 2013, which we produce for the municipality, will be delivered by March. With this initiative, the municipality will solve the problem of disabled citizens and prevent environmental pollution. Belediye