Peri Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge

Peri Haliç Metro Transition Bridgende
İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi
One of the most important investments of the Istanbul Metro, one of the most important stages of the construction of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge is completed, passengers from Hacıosman metro will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption.
Project Name: İstanbu Büyükşehir Belediyesi
Construction Work Istanbul Metro Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge
Location: Haliç / İstanbul
Main Contractor: Astaldi - Gülermak Partnership
Project Manager: Doğan Demir
Flooring Trim Molds: VARIO KIT, PERIUP
Formwork: L = 72mtul, Hort = 13m Approach Viaduct
When the construction of Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which is one of the most important stages of Istanbul Metro, one of the biggest investments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is completed, passengers boarding from Hacıosman will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption. Here with the Marmaray link, Kadıköy-Kartal, Bakırköy-Atatürk Airport or Bağcılar-Olimpiyatköyü- will be able to reach Başakşehir in a short time.
In the project, on the two sides of the Golden Horn, in Unkapanı and Beyoğlu, there are cast-in-place cast-approach viaducts and the passage through the Golden Horn is provided by a steel bridge. On the side of Unkapanı there is the 6 foot and the deck is 172 m long. On the Beyoğlu side, there is the 8 foot and the deck is 271m long. The inter-foot apertures are variable and are 36m to 45m, and the foot heights range from 13m to 1,25m.
The thickness of the concrete on the legs is 2,5m and the gap is 1,10m. The thickness of the concrete falls from 2,5m to 1,10m in a curvilinear form, and the radius of this form differs in almost every standing. In the cross section, there is this case, while in the cross section there are arms that open like a right and left wing.
The PERI UP scaffold system is preferred to carry such a heavy load at the height of the 13m. On the scaffolding system, the VARIO KIT system was used to analyze the 90 of the vehicle's transportation system and to reach the economic results.
In order to give a curvilinear form to the bridge over the structural system, the sections were examined separately and according to the result, it was decided to dissolve the structure from the 2,5m-2,2m to 1,10m by the ribs to be cut from plywood. These ribs were designed by PERI and cut to CNC machines. Due to the variable nature of the bridge, this process is reviewed separately for each casting anosu and new ribs are produced when necessary.
Astaldi - Gülermak Business Partnership Project Assistant Manager Alper
One of the most important issues of Istanbul, which will be a major problem in the traffic line will be the heart of the metro line and the new symbol will be considered as a solution at every stage of our bridge as a solution partner '' PERI '', with the work being done is a correct partner. We have achieved rapid, economic and high quality results thanks to the systems we developed through joint works in the multi-storey approach viaducts. Besides the constructive and auxiliary approaches, I also emphasize once again that the ız PERI I company is the right choice for us to accomplish this hard work with our imagination.
Astaldi - Gülermak Partnership Construction Works Chief S. Ulaş Akı:
PERI, this variable bridge with a simple and easy-to-use technical solution on the bridge, in the field has also greatly increased our efficiency and provided us great convenience.
From the beginning of the project, we thank to PERI company and employees who do not have any technical, logistical and supervisory support from us, fully embracing our project from the perspective of their own project.

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