Eskişehir Tramway Extension Project tender Ankara 15. Canceled by the Administrative Court

Eskişehir Tramway Line Extension Project tender, which was made by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Purchasing on 13 July 2011, was carried to the court by the companies that were not included in the tender. 3 companies, which participated in the tender as a joint venture and were not accepted on the grounds that they were not qualified, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Public Procurement Authority to Ankara 15th Administrative Court for the cancellation of the tender. Firms argued that their offers were excluded from evaluation in their tender applications.
Appealed appeal
Ankara 15 evaluating the application of companies. The Administrative Court decided that the tender applications were in compliance with the leri Construction Works Auctions Implementation Regulation İdare. The court decided that the applications of the companies were in compliance with the qualification criteria. The court decided to cancel the tender for the extension of the 'Tramway Extension Project' on the grounds that the firms with competency were not taken into tender.

Source: Eskisehir Agenda

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