Erzurum investments and high-speed train projects evaluated

Erzurum investments and high-speed train projects evaluated
Minister of Health Dr. Recep Akdağ and AK Party Erzurum deputies met with the officials of the General Directorate of TCDD this week in the information meetings about the evaluation of the projects carried out in Erzurum and the solution of the problems.
Minister of Health Prof. Recep Akdag met with the meeting of the AK Party deputies Adnan Yilmaz, Fazilet Dağcı Scream and Muhyettin Aksak attended the evaluation meeting was held on Wednesday. Deputy Chairman Cengiz Yavilioğlu could not attend the meeting due to the commission, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, Erzurum, including the High Speed ​​Train Flights, information about the latest situation, Erzurum and the region's railways, level crossings, palandöken logistics center, modifications and made Infrastructure studies were evaluated.
One of the projects successfully implemented by the AK Party government, starting with the Marmaray Project from Istanbul, from Ankara to Erzincan, from Erzurum to Erzurum, and from there to the Turkish Republics and Gulf countries, Information about the details of the Minister Akdag and Erzurum Deputies, at every stage of the project will be a follower. This project Erzurum West, East and even record it would be a bridge will be opened to the Turkish Republics Minister Akdag and lawmakers, Turkey's position as the Gulf countries where, Central Asia, and transportation will be made by the Turkish Republics, through Turkey via the Marmaray Project They stated that they would open up to Europe and thus make a great contribution to the economy of the city and the country.
Rector of Erzurum Atatürk University, who was present at the meeting. Dr. Hikmet Kocak gave information about the activities of Minister Akdag and deputies. Rector Hikmet Koçak informed Minister Akdağ and deputies about the planned projects and works.
Minister Recep Akdag and Erzurum deputies in Erzurum on the evaluation meetings in the coming days will continue, agriculture and animal husbandry, the center of attraction, such as the necessary work on the follow-up of issues will be recorded.

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