Prime Minister Erdogan spoke about high-speed train, marmaray and highways

Prime Minister Erdogan spoke about high-speed train, marmaray and highways
dual carriageways in the field of transport, highways, high-speed train lines, airlines, subways with that change the face of Turkey, Erdogan stressed, 3 November 2002 they came to power in Turkey is only 6 thousand 100 kilometers of divided highway, whereupon 10 years, 15 thousand 800 kilometers of divided reported that they are doing the road. Erdogan, "double road transportation in our nation's literature in Turkey, there was no way he split anything. "The AK Party government has put this in the literature of the people at this point," he said.
Earlier 6 provinces connected with the divided way, now that they are spreading 74 pointed out that Prime Minister Erdogan, within the scope of renovations 167 modernized more than a thousand kilometers reported.
Prime Minister Erdogan, with all these studies on the road traffic accident rate, according to 2003, last year, 41 percent said they managed to reduce.
Expressing that they will connect Europe and Asia under the sea with two separate projects consisting of Marmaray and Eurasia tunnels, Erdogan stated that they plan to put Marmaray into service about a year later and the Eurasia Tunnel in 2015.
Prime Minister Erdogan said, “These are all underground. Since it is underground, the citizen is not aware of these. Therefore, if you pay attention, everyone builds minarets, they do not make wells. Because nobody sees the well. But when he builds a minaret, they say, "Look, this and that lord has built a minaret, how beautiful it is." Well, nobody wishes him well because they haven't seen him. I hope the Marmaray, despite all these will bring not only sound in the world in Turkey, "he said.
Rize, which will connect to Erzurum, Turkey approximately 15 kilometers in length, the longest tunnel Ovit completed in 2015, he stated that Prime Minister Erdogan, the high-speed train line in Turkey stressed that so far no built themselves. Expressing that they opened the Ankara-Eskişehir line in 2009 and the Ankara-Konya line last year, Prime Minister Erdoğan stated that the works of the Eskişehir-Istanbul and Ankara-Sivas high-speed train lines are continuing.
Stating that the construction started in a part of the Ankara-Izmir high-speed train line and the project works of some of them are continuing, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu follow them well. Come see what is being done, see what is being done, there are benefits in them. Your excitement may increase too. I especially urge this, come and follow them ”.
Other studies also provide information about high-speed trains, Prime Minister Erdogan said, "Turkey is the largest suburban business, people always like that are deceiving unfortunately, we've handled izban of our services with the Ministry of Transport in Izmir in 2010. But they do not thank the Ministry of Transport, on the contrary, they do not speak correctly by saying "We did it"
Fast trains and related supplies, Prime Minister Erdogan told they begin to produce in Turkey, "which is also in Ankara metro and suburban connections we build a modern high-speed train station. "We are building a modern station that is much better than our current one," he said.
Erdogan also touched on the studies on the railway, so far 6 thousand 838 kilometers of the railway has renewed said.

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