Developments in the Public-Private Partnership Application in the World and Turkey

Developments in the Public-Private Partnership Application in the World and Turkey: in 2023 with a goal to enter into the world's top 10 largest economies is an important place for public investment in infrastructure in Turkey. As a result of the private sector-dominated development model adopted in the 1980s, public investments in industry gradually decreased and investments in infrastructure came to the fore in the central investment budget. In this context, infrastructure projects in the transportation, irrigation and energy sectors, which can be described as large-scale, have become a large part of public investments in recent years. In addition to public resources, alternative financing models, especially Public Private Partnership (PPP) models, started to be used frequently in order to meet the increasing need for infrastructure investment in our country, which has entered a rapid growth process.
During the past period, many PPP projects in our country were authorized by the High Planning Council, and projects in different fields from energy to transportation, from customs gates to industrial facilities were implemented. In this study, while the current situation in the field of PPP in Europe and other developing countries is questioned, it is aimed to analyze the PPP projects that have been carried out since the first PPP project in the energy sector in our country in 1986. The distribution of PPP projects implemented by years, sectors and models was examined; More detailed analyzes were made for some sectors and the success rate of PPP models compared to classical public investments was examined.
Since the PPP projects were carried out for almost every model in our country, it was investigated in a separate section. In particular, the changes in the legislation and the effects of these changes have been examined in this section.
Finally, determinations and evaluations regarding PPP projects were made and trends and expectations regarding PPP projects in the following years were put forward together with suggestions. It is thought that the study, which aims to reveal the general situation in the world while analyzing the PPP projects implemented in our country, will be beneficial for those working in the field of PPP.




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