DP sues IZBAN hike

DP Provincial Directorate filed a lawsuit for the increase in İZBAN at İzmir 3rd Administrative Court for the cancellation of the transportation increase, which was accepted by the votes of CHP members in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. DP Izmir Provincial Chairman Gökhan Karateke, who made a written statement on the subject, said that the ticket price of 1,75 TL was increased to 1,85 TL, followed by an increase in the metro, İZBAN and the ferry, and that this was the minimum wage and collective work several times a day on the way to work. He said it was lost for citizens using the transport. Emphasizing that the municipality is not a business, Karateke stated that the authority to determine the cost of public transportation should be used to transport everyone equally, safely, comfortably and in the cheapest way, taking into account the principles of fairness and social state.
DP Provincial Mayor Karateke stated that the Metropolitan Municipality should behave fairly in terms of bearing the burden to the extent that they benefit from public services and said, “Metropolitan Municipality should consider these principles, not the profit and loss account when raising transportation. The raise, which was made without returning the raise fees previously made in different items to the citizen, and without considering these issues, is against the law. As DP Izmir Provincial Directorate, we have had to file a lawsuit against the people of Izmir for the transportation increase. " said.

Source: Nationality

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