Station Bridge Will Be Demolished After The Railway In Eskişehir

Station Bridge Will Be Destroyed After The Railway In Eskişehir Is Taken Underground
In the Transit Project, which is an underground project of the railway passing through the city, the gas was launched. Bağlar Pass will be passed on the 3 month. AK Party Deputy Salih Koca, “Station Bridge is the latest work. 29 will catch up with the Istanbul line that will be activated in October 2013 X.
With the resumption of work at the Transit Project, which is still in 2 year, the mobility in the railway is increasing. Closed passages that divide Eskişehir into two and affect negatively the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be opened one after the other. The ongoing works carried out in Bağlar Pass and continued in the evening hours accelerated. TCDD officials examined the studies in the region. According to the information received from the authorities, the work will be completed in the 3 monthly period requested for the Bağlar Pass. Authorities, "Baglar Passage due to the importance of the city will not be delayed. The contractor company was also interviewed. The 3 month will be completed and the gateway will open. Now they go to the end of the project. Artık
Stating that the railway and urban railway project is vital for Eskişehir, AK Party MP Salih Koca said: belirten When the works are completed, the last work station bridge will be demolished. Because before all the work in the closed section of the underground must end. This is a technical issue. In other words, you cannot run the tram at the same time without lighting the electricity. First the underground project will be completed. There will be things to do next, then the next Station Bridge will be the next. Because it is not possible to destroy the bridge before this is over. Political debates or other issues need to be put aside now. Artık

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