TCDD, Iron Silk Road to be used in the preparation of the maps to be sent to China, the General Staff asked for permission.

At the level of Prime Ministers signed a contract with Turkey for the construction of the Edirne `Kars` speed train line which promised to provide government loans to China, at the stage of preparation of final project map" misbehavior "lived. TCDD General Directorate applied to the Turkish General Staff upon the request of the Chinese authorities to convert the application works into definite projects from the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). Chief of Staff for the Minister to deport map of Turkey has announced that the Board should decide. Acting China Railway Ministry to accelerate the process, 6 people sending a team to Turkey, started to work.
The team also support Chinese companies operating in the railway sector in Turkey, especially Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) working in partnership in the firm that built the line 40 doing Chinese engineering collaboration. China for the amount of the loan to Turkey will give the TCDD wanting a moment before the completion of the final project will determine Ministers to be sent to China for the map awaits the receipt of the decision. On the other hand, China decided to complete maps of the final project in Turkey is expanding its team even alınamas aldı.dem Silk Road is scheduled to hit next year's first pick for the Project. 20-30 billion dollars in Turkey with the railways to the Chinese government loan project is expected to provide China wants to make a presentation to Turkey to reach central Europe.

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