Cable car coming to Ankara Castle

Cable car coming to Ankara Castle

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council decided to start the work to build the cable car to the region in order to increase the potential of the Ankara Castle, which is one of the most important tourism areas of the Capital.

The Council of State convened under the chairmanship of Davut Erdem, the second deputy chairman of the Assembly, and the Tourism Commission Report, which was prepared for carrying out the necessary works on what can be done especially for the cable car, was discussed.

Following the unanimous report of the members of the Assembly, the report prepared by the Commission on Elderly and the Unemployed was presented to the members of the council. By determining the needs of the elderly and orphaned citizens living in nursing homes and dormitories, the possibility of assistance in the direction of budgetary facilities were investigated and the report on the initiation of the necessary studies was also unanimously resolved by the members.

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