BTS: Political staffing in TCDD and discrimination based on trade union preferences has become commonplace.

BTS: "Political staffing and discrimination based on union preferences have become commonplace in TCDD"
United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Chairman Yavuz Demirkol claimed that since the AKP came to power, discrimination based on political staffing and union preferences has become commonplace in TCDD.
In his written statement, Demirkol reminded that the Memur-Sen Confederation, which had 41 thousand members when the AKP came to power, increased the number of its members to 10 thousand within a 650-year period. While there was no trade union affiliated with Memur-Sen in the Transportation business line in 2002, Demirkol stated that the Transport Employees Memur-Sen, which was established in 2003, had become the authorized union of the business today with the support of the employer. A total of 24 personnel will attend the Period Protection and Security Seminar, 48 of which are members of the Transport Employees Officer-Sen Union affiliated to the Civil Servants-Confederation, and 46 are not members of any unions. The fact that there is no union among our participants and no staff from other union members organized in TCDD is a clear proof that discrimination is made due to the political staffing in the institution and union preferences among the employees ”.
Emphasizing that the TCDD management has transformed the institution's training seminar with this discriminatory practice, “Demir Memur-Sen's camp”, Demirkol added:
“We invite TCDD management to cancel the list of participants, to make a fair list of participants, to treat all employees equally, and to respect union preferences, by fulfilling the promise of no discrimination among staff in the past. We remind the employees of the Transport Employees Officer-Sen Syndicate, who is the partner of this discrimination practice, which is also done in the employer guidance and protection, and that unions are non-employer struggle organizations.

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