Bayburtun Centennial Imaginary Silk Railway Conference

Karadeniz Technical University Head of Transportation Department Dr. Fazıl Çelik gave a lecture on İp Bayburt's Centennial Imaginary Silk Railway Faz.
Bayburt University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the hall before the conference in the opening speech of the Rector of Bayburt University. Dr. Gökhan Budak performed. Budak said, ler The University should be the places where the original environments, scientific data are evaluated and these data are presented to the public. We will continue to give such conferences on issues concerning the people and our city. Therefore, as I said earlier, our scientific conferences will be held in the university and our cultural conferences will be held in the cultural center. But it was intense participation. We will bring the larger halls to our university. I would like to thank my teacher, Mr. Fazıl, who came to Bayburt for this very important topic of Bayburt.
The Governor of Bayburt Hasan İpek made a speech before the conference. “Thanks to Bayburt, Kop Mountain is drilled. The opening of the Black Sea to all Middle East and Iran is from Bayburt. Again Salmakaş tunnel is made. We will reach Araklı at 80 kilometers. Hopefully one third of the project work in progress. Another tunnel that will reach to Çaykara-Of and Uzungöl is carried out by the Ministry of Transportation as a highway. In addition, our Minister of Transport made a promise that a joint airport with Gümüşhane would be held in Bayburt. Bayburt is a province called e shher gen and became a center of attraction of the region. Today, the Black Sea, the East, the Middle East and Iran to reach the Bayburt must pass. Now, my teacher will tell you, let's see if the rail is also obliged to pass through Bayburt, right, we will listen together. If scientists do not stand upright, the development of the world and humanity is not possible. Fazıl hocada a man of science, I say welcome to them, "he said.
Mayor Hacı Ali Polat stated that the railroad issue occupied the agenda of Xbn XXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the year 2-3. I promised him a panel. But I believed that it would be much more appropriate for scientific subjects to be spoken in scientific places and followed by scientists. We were waiting for the day, and it came that day. I thank our university. Fazıl mentor in the Black Sea alone is the struggle for it. That's the scientist. To defend the interests of the country without thinking that it will happen one step after the right way. This is what my teacher does. We support him in every way. Is
Speaking at the conference, Fazıl Çelik said, ları I started working as a civil engineer for the year 40 years ago in Erzurum. Every time we went to Trabzon, the bus would take a break near Bayburt's Clock Tower square. That's when I recognized the beautiful Bayburt man. I knew Dede Korkut, Bayburt Zihni, İrşadi Baba. Bayburt 1 is a small city represented by deputy but a historical city. A place where our culture is kneaded. The only obstacle between the sea and the Black Sea mountains. If it is passed, it is the most open province to develop. O
Iz Today we will talk about Bayburt's centennial dream Silk railway. After briefly entering the history of Bayburt's railway, we will try to emphasize the vital importance of the railway and we will talk about the projects that have been carried out through the history of Erzincan Erzurum Railways to the Black Sea. A century-old imagination is actually a yearly expectation of 140. Bayburt has been waiting for the railway since the Ottomans. There are Bayburt in the Ottoman projects. There is Bayburt in Atatürk's projects. Since the last 5-6 year, Bayburt seems to be the most accurate route among the many alternatives investigated by Karadeniz Technical University. There is no Bayburt in DLH's projects. Bayburt's 140 annual dream of the old expression of the silence can not be imagined. And I have faith in it. As long as you have the Bayburt project. I believe that the project is the most economical project and that the country's interests are the best. It's not new to deactivate Bayburt in DLH. It dates back to 1980. There is no Bayburt in the 1980 and 1990 projects. If the railway does not go through Bayburt scientifically, we have no promise. But if Bayburt's projects bring a few million liras to the state, then Bayburt should stand behind it. Who is DLH. DLH is a technical general directorate that prepares projects for the state, presents alternative projects and is responsible for observing the interests of the state. It should not be confused with the General Directorate of State Railways. Both of them are connected to the Ministry of Transport but DLH is obliged to do the project. General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. He is obliged to prepare the most accurate project. State Railways is implementing the project. The route continues discussions all over Turkey. The Minister of Transport Mr. Binali Yıldırım used a very clear and punctuated sentence. "The route determines geography," he said. So the route determines the science and economy. As you know, when I made objections about the project that was built by DLH, there were great repercussions. And in the assembly, the Minister was given the motions of the Minister. Iz We haven't decided on the route yet, iz Mr. Minister said. Research is in progress. Siyaset Yes, the political institution will decide. But there's still a lot of time to shoot. In other words, if the Black Sea railway connection comes on the 2023, the 2014 will be given the basis. If the state pays what is paid to this project, it will give up if it is wrong. This is a preliminary project. 2 million pounds spent in 80 meter rail costs. If the Bayburt project 2 is saving the state as the first investment value of a billion pounds, then this advance will undoubtedly give up on the project. And the political institution has not decided. I don't believe you will. V
Or 2 billion TL 40 evolves into a thousand housing units with the Public Works account. 40 means thousand housing means 4 is a city with a population of thousand families. 160 is a city with a population of over 1000 inhabitants. If the 5 saves a thousand-person city, a project cost of 200-200 is zero on the left. As you know, the EIA process of the project continues. This was also objected. Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was challenged by myself. The EIA of the wrong route. We sent these projects back to DLH. The projects we sent before did not reach the DLH. I sent projects at 20, they said no. These projects were then sent to the Prime Minister. Finally, we wrote another letter to the Prime Minister. And we learned that the projects went to DLH and they were being examined. There was the last City Planning Congress in Trabzon. DLH was the names of the participants. I got it right, the projects were gone and examined. A decision will be made. Bir
"Today the Republic of Turkey Ottoman building saves about half of the railway network located within the state. There are Bayburt in the projects of the Ottoman Empire, namely Abdulhamit Han. When we came to the republic, there were Bayburt in the period of Atatürk. 1924'de Bayburt'nun comes into the law. There is no railway after Atatürk. In the state, after the 1950, the railway is not done, but the statistics are not. 1940 mileage between 1950-371, 1950 mileage between 1960-448, 1960 2000 mileage between them. But in the 416 years, the construction of the highway has been greatly accelerated. This time it is shifting to the transportation road. Of course it is easier to take the highway everywhere. It is more appropriate to shift to rural areas and hence to the transportation road. In Turkey, then the mistakes made Reverting back to rail and sea. The highway could not fault. It is the basic system that feeds all other transport networks. But it wasn't the right policy to put all the freight on the highway. In the 50 years, Istanbul Technical University is building a project by DLH. And it determines the route. Trabzon, Tirebolu, Gumushane, Erzincan and Diyarbakir. At 1980, the project is completed and there is no economy. The same route is defined in the 1983s and it is not economically feasible. There are three leaders in history who have the will to make rail. Abdulhamit Han, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and 1990'ye years when Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The emphasis today is speed rail lines 2000 kilometers in Turkey. "
X Republic of 100. 2023 thousand kilometers high-speed rail network was calculated for the year 10. This 10 thousand kilometer railway program destroys the Black Sea. Why a very messy area. Only Erzincan-Trabzon connection. In 2009 DLH launched a new project. What is interesting is that the DLH is a lobe. It determines the Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Tirebolu-Erzincan route. However, feasibility studies should be taken into consideration for all the aternatics and research. In this direction, DLH is instructed. But the most accurate itinerary today EIA meetings are held. I think this research is completely wrong. The cost is over 7 billion liras. When this tender was made, we started working as KTU and developed alternatives. We called DLH and said that we can give our own work, and we have no feasible. They said 'no need'. DLH's feasibility in the route and the length of the tunnel does not mind. I'm putting pen and paper in my 6 grandson's hand. I say make a rail over here. From the sea into the tunnel and exit from Torul 60 kilometer. I'm giving it to my 12 old sister. There is no tunnel up to Maçka from Değirmendere to Maçka. In Maçka, the 30 goes up to Torul in the kilometer tunnel. Then I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister 3. When DLH did not look at our projects, we started to use media power. Of course, they're confused. I shared the first letter confused. Especially Giresun media 'Haddini bil hoca' he threw headlines. They said, 'Are you a matcher? They're wrong with our project. In the face of unfairness, the state will save 2 billion somehow I am not going to silence in my hometown of Maçka. I'm not gonna be a dumb devil. Either they say that the projects prove it wrong, or this life comes out of this body. Even if Bayburt doesn't own it until the end, it turns out that we will follow it. Son
The most convenient one for our work is the connection to the Uğrak station in Erbaş and Bayburt, at a distance of 70. There is no problem going through the Bayburt plains, the problem is to cross the Eastern Black Sea mountains. Ottoman and Atatürk did not pass this route. 40-50'den kilometers of tunnels. In a new way we proposed to switch from the valley to the valley and reduced the length of the tunnels with the 12 mileage. Sultan Abdulhamit's project starts from Erbas, Bayburt, Gumushane and then Tirebolu, Trabzon continues. Now, let's compare it to the alternatives we've made. He project 247 mileage. The project we developed is 163 kilometers. DLH project 7 billion pounds. Only the connection to Trabzon is 5.2 billion pounds. Our following Erbaş connections are around 3 billion pounds. If we implement Abdulhamit's project and come from Erbas to Bayburt, then to Gümüşhane and İkisu, the 140 kilometer. In the project of DLH 140 kilometers up to İkisu. Which one has more tunnels and bridges. We didn't study Bayburt Gumushane. I hope we will do with friends from Bayburt University. So I did the study. Once 30 kilometers Bayburt'a access to the plain, Kelkit to come to Gumushane much more difficult. I hope we will do the work of Abdulhamit Khan's project. In the DLH project we have 16 mileage, our even 5 mileage bridge. We say that the projects of Sultan Abdulhamit, Ataturk and KTU are much shorter than DLH's projects. Construction, maintenance and environmental damage are much less. DLH also says that we did not pass through Bayburt to avoid damaging the agricultural areas. Our Prime Minister prepared an 10 page report on the letters we wrote. They have prepared a report without asking for the project. So all the roads you have done so far do not go through the 90 plains? As for Bayburt, there were agricultural areas. So do you not go through the plains of DLH Adapazarı, Izmit, Eskisehir, Ankara, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, Ashkale, Khorasan, Kars? There is no railroad in the Black Sea. The Prime Minister 'will make a connection to the Black Sea,' he said. The state has what it takes to bury 2 billion liras in the ground. I believe that this project will not be implemented. The Minister of Transport says, 'We haven't decided yet.' I've written another report in response to DLH's 10 page report. We added this project to that report again. Gumushane was social. Bayburt is not the province? My fellow citizens of Gümüşhaneli are mad at me. Gumushane is a town of 2 city, tucked in between the mountains. 100 is doomed to remain in town for years. From a place that is not available for development, the train does not pass past what makes the difference. They say we have our mines. What is the mine, how much? We researched 110 weight. People carry this in his bag. 'We have other mines,' they said. Okay, well, if we want a railway to Gumushane, I'll put it in the letter. We connect Gümüşhane to Bayburt Uğrak station, 60 kilometer. If you want to Tirebolu, go to Trabzon from Bayburt, and then connects to Tirebolu. Their cost is 6 billion pounds. The current project is 7 billion pounds. 1 billion liras is still the state's profit. When I wrote this to the Prime Minister, DLH wrote me a page with an 10 page. A general directorate of technical staff. He says, 'Fazıl teacher gives the flight distance. I said that we connect Trabzon to Trebolu by 80 kilometers. We connect Gümüşhane to Bayburt with 60 kilometers. ' They've opened a road map, collected highway miles. Gumushane-Bayburt 60 is not much. And they comment, 'The railways are very low. And it is longer than the highway. They put in place a general-pass rule that such scientists cannot. We, of course, gave a report that explained this ridicule. It's a general-pass rule that transport engineering and scientists can't do, sir. And this rule needs to give science award. If the reporter looked at the project made by ITU below it, he would have seen that the distance between Tirebolu station and Trabzon is only 77. I said 80 mileage. The last report I sent was not answered. After our letters appeared, we held a workshop at Giresun University. They called the scientist from everywhere. They also called KTÜ. I'm the only man they didn't call. They don't have a railroad. The professors signed such a statement that they do not mind. No technical and economic justification. this route must be connected to Trabzon from 'Tirebolu.' The reason for Turkey's Kurds and ÖZKURT if they were the poorest districts. There are many towns and towns that are interconnected between Tirebolu and Trabzon, and they need improvement. Signature is a deplorable statement on behalf of all the professors and the university. We're talking about what we're talking about. Fast Train stops in another city, which departs from a city. The shortest distance is 50-60. It is through the 10 district to come to speed. If you see the Kurds or the towns you see along the coast, they look at the train as well. The station is important here. AydıntepeThis train is only noise and distress. But this is the most important project that will pave the way for Bayburt. This is what will attract all investments. If it passes through Gümüşhane, it wouldn't develop much if it was at the station. Because 2 is stuck between the mountain. But Bayburt is not. It is the locomotive project of Bayburt. ”
Eler Our projects are voluntary projects. No DLH support. No 1.7 million. 5-6 are the routes that have emerged in years of research. During this time, I have only paid two expenses as a stationary. These studies are not studies based on interests. I believe that this is what Mr. Prime Minister said.
At the end of the conference Mayor Haci Ali Polat, Rector of Bayburt University. Dr. Gökhan Budak and Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry President İbrahim Yumak Dr. Various gifts were presented to Fazıl Çelik.
Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ibrahim Yumak, KTU Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Şeref added that he thanked Oruç and promised to help him in all kinds of matters, especially in terms of economy. Professor Steel, in all of the works with Şeref Oruç teacher said that he and his process existed.
Bayburt University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the hall that took place in the conference Hasan Ipek Governor, Mayor Haci Ali Polat, Rector of Bayburt University. Dr. Gökhan Budak, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Raci Bayrak, Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ibrahim Yumak, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yusuf Elci, CHP Provincial Chairman Hasan Turker, MHP Provincial Chairman Idris Aydin, institution superiors, NGO representatives, faculty, students and citizens attended .

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