Arthur Flury Agency's (AF) Visits Turkey

Arthur Flury visited the company.
In Switzerland, represented by Arthur Flury des Enterprises resident company (AF) it produces and including Turkey
is used widely and effectively in many countries around the world Isolators and Neutral zone insulators
to be; better service for catenary material in electrification system
TCDD customers in order to give part of his visit in Turkey, Dogus, OHL, and GÜLERMAK
ULTRA TECHNOLOGY and Ist Ulş.A.Ş. and proposed cooperation in current and future projects.
During this visit, especially the following issues were discussed.
1. AF is the name of the catenary material and it has become the brand name especially in section processors (SI)
is a leading company.
2. Due to the quality and customer preference, competitors buy AF material.
3. Turkey and the world why they prefer customers seamless rail system AF and long products
4. AF does not compromise the quality standards of its products.
5. It has been using different production technology since its establishment.
6. Its products are widely used because they are safe and long lasting.
7. Especially for AC / DC earthing bars, voltage detectors have both
These are measurement and safety products.

8. AF must be used for every SI installation and the installation kit
It suggests.
9. It provides customer satisfaction by providing close cooperation with customers and continuous technical support.
10. Continuously develops its products with the suggestions of the users.
separate (AC / DC) and different (750 /
1500VDC) at the junction point where two lines intersect at the junction, on the contact wire of the pantograph
seamless transition.

11. Due to the many advantages of AF products in your purchases,
will be added value for future projects due to the importance of the customer will evaluate you
It is stated.
12. Rigit catenary system, old technology, cost and operation to be abandoned because it is expensive and problematic
Catenary products technical support for projects from Arthur Flury
documents In addition, AC / DC and speed can be evaluated and appropriate SI selection can be made.
Arthur Flury is especially the neutral zone section of the isolators ANKARA-KONYA high speed train and ALİAĞA-
MENDERES line including Ist. Due to customer preference catenary materials are used in many lines of
It is provided.
Many years of experience in the world and in Turkey many subway and rail systems for high-quality materials
The products of this company are preferred by the user and are cheaper than other competitors.
the materials have to be replaced after the warranty period or when commissioning on delivery.
is known to be witnessed.

In this respect, it is a fact that quality materials of AF will add value to projects.
During this visit the projects will be the reason for the preference of customers due to this reference
It is highlighted.
As a result, TCDD and other municipalities in the electrification projects of Metro and Light rail systems
Widely used in electromechanical works and smooth running catenary material best suited to the needs
it is stated that it is ready to cooperate to provide the proposal.



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