Army Ski Lift Project Fiasco?

Army Ski Lift Project Fiasco?
Does the ropeway project, which the Mayor of Ordu Seyit Torun called “There is a lot of necessity, our 40-year dream” ends with a Fiasco in the name of not seeing the future, where the people of Ordu threw 12 Trillion Liras to the streets?
According to the claim voiced by the President in the past months, this enterprise, which is claimed to have carried more than 1 million people since its opening, said that "neither the businesses around it have a license, nor do they show profitability," said the Mayor Torun, "Since 1 million people have moved," We expect it to announce its income, along with transportation and operating and personnel costs ”.
Torun management, who set up the starting station of the cable car from the wrong place by slaughtering the tree and green area in the Atatürk Park on the coast, was also a subject of criticism for some environmentalists from Ordu who did not oppose the "Green Destruction".
7 12 million from the start of the million expenses in the sum of the President Torun'a Tender 1 more than a million dollars in spending money without charge was asked to open an investigation.
In the statement made by the municipality's official website, the total hours of the cable car were determined as 9 hours.
In the statement, “The opening and closing times of the ropeway facility, which has been carrying over 1 million passengers since it was put into service, were rearranged by the Municipality of Ordu with the new clock application and the entry into the winter months.
According to the arrangement made, the opening and closing hours of the cable car service were determined as 11.00:20.00 in the morning and XNUMX:XNUMX in the evening ”.

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