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Transportation Company, after Antray, took the 40 red bus to 5 for the year. Red bus auctions have been canceled 2010 times since 4. The municipality is in need of data from the Halkkart of A-Kent, which it does not know legally while buying rent in Antray!
Tender history of reds:
In 2010 we met red buses. Greater City Municipality Transportation Inc., the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydin'in 5 million 796 thousand euros for the 40 thousand euros 3 red bus purchased for public transportation 4 year 330 million 1 thousand pounds plus VAT, so the annual 443 million 333 thousand 90 had won the pound. So the 356 daily price of this tender was 301 thousand 2 liras plus VAT. This tender was decided to stop the execution from the court. Antalya 2010. The Administrative Court, by unanimous decision of 1659 / 31 dated 2011 / XNUMX, canceled the tender for the hire and operation of the buses and decided to stop the execution.
No crossing at the tender
Metropolitan Municipality on this; Based on the article 5216 of the 26 Law No. 5, which is the law of the bag, 1 annually annually 445 annually 3 for the operation of the buses is operated by its own company Transportation A.Ş. to the tender. The court also decided to stop the execution. In other words, the decision of 2011 / 1600 4 / 2012 of Antalya 30.2012 decided to stop the execution for the red buses. XNUMX is confused by this decision by the municipality who had to implement the decision within days. The subject was brought to the June XNUMX assembly. The article on the new formula needed to continue the operation of the red buses was discussed in the June parliament by a motion on a discussion.
Again resisted
Akaydın, despite the court's decision, based on the 5216 article 26 2886'ı based on the bus again hired to the municipal company asked to be leased. Although the court annulled it, it was unlawful for the parties to make a similar decision. The AK Party group voted to vote, MHP chose not to vote at all. The votes of the CHP group passed the majority of votes. Accordingly, the work of the red bus rental Akaydın'ın chosen by the municipal council. As is known, the services for procurement of revenues are made according to 4734. It is possible to rent out of these tenders. After this decision, all of the procedures related to the tender for the leasing and operation of the red buses were given to the council by the Metropolitan Municipality Council.
Last cancel at 2 auction
The council would make a tender soon. At the beginning of July 2012 a further tender was made on the day of the 90 until the preparation of this tender was completed. The current operator, Metropolitan Municipality company Transportation Inc., has been awarded to the 90 daily rental tender. entered alone and won with 462 thousand 750 lira plus VAT. The tender was made according to the 2886 / g clause of the law numbered 51. Then 3 2012 5 8 annually auctioned 300 90 annually 682 auction was canceled. The price of the 200 daily auction, which was made immediately after that, was the 90 thousand 356 liras plus VAT. That is the first auction of 301 daily rental price of red buses 90 thousand 682 increased VAT while the last 200 in the auction of the day was 90 thousand 15 pounds plus VAT. The value of red buses almost increased by 2012. 5216 November 26 also canceled the tender. According to the 13 article of 860, the rental business was given to the municipal company for a total of 2 million 772 thousand pounds, excluding VAT. This year's XNUMX million XNUMX million pounds is coming. AK Party members will bring this situation to the judiciary.
Tender was coming
On the other hand, the last day canceled the bid in 16'ya what happens to the tender Astalya and A-Kent companies also came. After the firm learned that the tender had been canceled, it received a notice of the cancellation. Metropolitan authorities, the cancellation of the proclamation of the Governor's office suggests that they reported. Some members of the council said: ise The tender made in the morning due to the parliamentary decision taken in the morning cannot be canceled. It was announced that the tender was canceled before the parliamentary decision was approved by the Governor's Office. This is illegal and unlawful. Hukuk Tradesmen were delighted that the buses were given to the municipality company instead of bidding. Transportation Inc. had taken the 35 for a while to pay the municipality to 5 for a while ago. But as the only payment instrument in Antray; municipality, but the court after the cancellation decisions, the so-called legally known by the A-Kent is used Halkkart. That is, the municipality does not recognize the existence of the private company A-Kent as a municipality and the number of passengers reported to the Transportation Inc. and the amount of money and money can determine the amount of the rent and can get this rent from Transport Inc.. The question of the balances of balances, the question of how healthy this data is in the questioned system is the subject of discussion.
He didn't even do it himself.
Mustafa Akaydın, mayor of CHP, imposed a public transport system at 2011 in August. I brought red buses under the name of modern transportation. These buses were supposed to run 24 hours and direct, fast, fast on various routes. But there is a single line that works right now. That's the airport line. This line was made by the so-called express line. In other words, direct and fast transportation between the airport and the bus station was provided. However, Akaydın broke his own rule again. Acak With the new public transportation system, there will not be any stops. The bus will not pass in front of everyone's house. Our people are lazy. Everyone will walk 2-3 km, will go by transferring to the destination, this is the necessity of modern transportation, ce said Akaydın, managed to put the reds into the neighborhood.

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