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Baran Bayuk, Civil Engineer of Urfali, is carrying out the Ankara Metro project, 2. Once the dent occurred.
In Ankara Metro project, where our nurse Baran Bayuk was the Chief of the Site, an accident was recently missed. In this accident, a person named Kadir Sevim died. After the dent in the construction of Çayyolu Metro, a pit of approximately one meter was formed in the place. During the crash, a citizen walking on the sidewalk fell into the hole and disappeared. and his body was reached after hours.
In the evening of the previous day in the capital, the second time was a “dent inde panic.
The heart of the capital, which brought the hearts of the mouth, the collapse of the manhole cover appeared. Eskişehir-Kızılay direction was closed to traffic due to the collapse experienced during Kızılay-Çayyolu metro work. Road traffic closure in Ankara, creating anxiety concerns, Kizilay-Çayyolu metro line site manager Baran Bayuk said there was no problem.
Baran Bayuk, the chief of the Kızılay-Çayyolu metro line, said, “We have opened this road, which is the arterial vein of Ankara, to traffic before. Whether or not there are some minor deformations in certain parts of the road that are absolutely not related to the work of the subway. There are some problems around the manhole covers and chimneys. It was an excavation work we did ourselves. We dug, cleaned, asphalted again, closed. As of tomorrow, our road will be opened to traffic again. Everything is under control. ”
Stating that concrete is poured on the collapsed part of the road and asphalt will be poured tomorrow, Bayuk said, “We cut the road and cleared the road in order to pass the vehicles safer around some of the manhole covers. We poured concrete as it should be, we will pull the asphalt tomorrow. We will do the same a little later in a few days and we will close the traffic again. ”
The previous day, due to the death of a citizen who caused the death of the citizens of the "migration" worried again. Due to the collapse of the manhole covers on the road next to the Air Forces Command, İnönü Boulevard was closed to traffic due to the work done to remove the deformation. In the evening, the road to the traffic closure, while on the way to the cause of anxiety, the traffic congestion occurred in the road to Eskişehir, kilometers of vehicle queue occurred. The road opened to traffic again yesterday morning
Minister Binali Yildirim came to the construction site in the near future and said that everything was fine.
Ankara Metro system; 14,6 km. length, double track, heavy rail system, 12 station and a warehouse. The route extends in the southeast-northwest direction and connects Batıkent with the city center.
The Ankara Metro system is capable of moving with 90-second service intervals, capable of driving at 80 km per hour, 108 (36 train) and carrying 70.000 passengers per hour in every direction.

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