Alstom announces first half-time performance of 2012-2013

Alstom announces first half-time performance of 2012-2013
As a global leader in energy and rail infrastructure and areas including Turkey operating in the country about 100 2012-2013 period, Alstom has announced its first half performance.
1 between April and 30 September 2012 Alstom;
· 12.1 received orders worth a billion Euros. This figure increased by 19 compared to the first half of last year. Especially the strong period in the Transport sector had a significant impact on this increase.
In the same period, sales increased by 4 to 9.7 billion euros. Operating profit 7.2 has improved 50 base points in 703 profitability ratio and reached XNUMX Million Euro.
· Net profit was Euro 403 million and the free cash flow turned positive with 101 Million Euro.
As a global leader in energy and rail infrastructure in the area and Turkey
Alstom's Board of Directors, operating in nearly 100 countries including
President and CEO Patrick Kron:
In the economic environment, our Group is robust in the first half of 2012-2013
exhibited a commercial performance and increased their orders by% 19. So Alstom,
continued to perform in the framework of the plan, belir he said.
1 Alstom between April and 30 September 2012:
12.1 received an order worth of billion euros. This figure is the first half of last year
19 showed an increase compared to. Especially in Transport
The strong period that was passed has had a significant impact on this increase.
• In the same period, sales increased by 4 to 9.7 billion euros. Activity
7.2 by performing 50 base points improvement on the profitability rate of 703% XNUMX
Million Euros.
• Net profit was Euro 403 million and free cash flow 101
Million Euros turned positive.
Patrick Kron, Chairman and CEO of Alstom, said:
In an economic climate, where our group is the first of the 2012-2013 era
in the half performed a solid commercial performance; orders increased by 19%, repeatedly
1's rate of conversion of orders within the same period in the fourth period
was performed on. Increased sales, tight cost control and
with the good execution of the contracts, the operating profit margin to% 7.2
provided. The free cash flow turned out to be positive with 101 million euros. These good results
thanks to our three-year plan. Three years
according to our plan, sales are higher than 5 annually for this fiscal year and for the following two years.
operating margin as of March 2015 to a rate of approximately 8
it will reach and the free cash flow will be positive in each of these three fiscal years. ulaş

World Energy Sector Outlook in the First Half
2012-2013 in the first six months of the period, macro-economic conditions and advanced
the heavy economic environment in the countries continued to be challenging. Some
there was slower growth in developing countries. In energy production,
The demand for coal technologies from Asia largely remained stable, while gas
Although there was no recovery in developed countries, it increased gradually.
Thermal power plants and environmental control systems continue to show vitality.
On the subject of renewable energy, the hydroelectric market is lacking
temporarily affected. Land type wind energy is under significant price pressure, other
On the other hand, marine wind energy indicates positive developments.
Market for energy transmission, transformer capacity overload and high-end segments
(power electronics, smart grids)
display image. Finally, the demand for rail transport
urban transportation needs and expansion in developing countries
continues to stand firm with support.
Strong Increase in Order Levels
Alstom is a global leader in energy and rail infrastructure, 2012-
2013 increases the amount of orders received by 19 in the first half of the 12.1 period
billion euros. The driving force of this increase is in the g Transport ub area of ​​the Group.
was very strong commercial performance. 30 As of September 2012, the Group
The ongoing business volume is 52 billion euros:
represents the volume.
Alstom 5 gas turbine at thermal energy during this period (2 units in Israel, UK
2 pcs and 1 pcs in China) and a variety of both for coal and nuclear energy
Equipment orders received. Environmental control systems and thermal energy
continued strong activities in services. Alstom, wind in renewable energy
energy performance (especially in Brazil)
hydroelectric power plant projects were only small and medium-scale projects.
Alstom Grid, which is one of the world leaders in energy transmission of the Group,
A strategic 800 kV ultra high voltage direct current (UHVDC) in India
2.2 billion contracts, including contracts, high
received orders at the level.
Transport has spent the best trading period since 2008. Alstom Transport,
A signaling system in Western Europe, especially in Amsterdam, Germany and
Regional trains in Sweden, high speed trains in Switzerland and suburban in France
by increasing commercial activities in Western Europe with trains and metro projects
ALSTOM Communication
He continued.
First Half Sales Figures Rising
In the first half of the 2012-2013 period, sales increased to 9.7 billion euros.
Thus, in the first half of the 2011-2012 period 9.4 billion Euro sales
numbers increased by% 4. Thermal Power and Thermal Power
Increases in the transport area were respectively 5 and 13. Renewable Power
Proceeds (renewable energy), large hydroelectricity carried out in Latin America
% 17 due to lower revenues in this period for contracts
fell in proportion. The sales of Grid (Energy Transmission) remained stable.
Developing sales figures, effective execution of projects and tight cost controls
Thanks to the operating income of the same year last year 703 million euros
12 increased compared to the period. 2012-2013 operating in the first half
profit margin increased to 50 with 7.2 base point increase. Alstom's Thermal Power
operating profit margin rose to% 9.2 from 10.6. Renewable Power
margin decreased from 7.3 to 5.7, while low energy in wind energy
volume and price erosion was effective. Alstom Grid's operating profit margin, cost
Thanks to the overall good execution of projects along with optimization,
last year 5.8% 6.1'dan% increased from the rate. Activity in Transport
profit margin increased from 5.0 to 5.3, thanks to sales recovery. group
net profit for 2011 million in the first half of 2012-363
11 with a growth of% 403 compared to the number reached million euros.
Positive Free Cash Flow and Robust Financial Structure
Free cash flow 2012 million in the first half of Alstom's 2013-101 period
Euro turned to positive and 914 is the same as last year
period showed a significant improvement. After the dividend payment,
The Group's net financial debt 30 has reached 2012 (2,871) million euros. This
31 as of March 2012 (2,492) million euros and 30 as of September 2011
(2,748) million euros.
During this period, shareholders' equity remained stable and 31 million 2012 million 4,434
while 30 was 2012 million euros as of September 4,449. September 2012
1.6 billion Euro gross cash volume, 1.35 billion euros unused
with the possibility of lending and a gradual debt repayment plan to begin in September 2014
Alstom's balance sheet is strong.
Consolidated Position in Lock Technologies and Regions
In the first half of the 2012-2013 period, Alstom has a policy of selective and selective takeover.
He continued. Firm to strengthen its presence in R & D and dynamic markets
continued to invest in capital expenditures.
ALSTOM Communication
Renewable Power to strengthen the portfolio of seafood and technologies
To acquire the subsidiary Tidal Generation Ltd (TGL)
has signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce for September 2012. TGL, electrical energy
tidal stream that captures tidal currents and transforms them into energy
is the leader in the design, development and production of turbines.
Alstom Grid in September 2012, in the smart grid, especially in renewable energy
systems that support large-scale integration of network resources into the network
signed a memorandum of understanding with Toshiba Corporation for cooperation.
Alstom Research and Development (R & D) expenses in the first period 351 million
He took it to the Euro; in this context, gas turbines, new renewable energy
resources, intelligent grid and energy management, as well as urban needs
focused on transportation technologies. Alstom, the capital of 186 million Euros
kept their spending at a high level. In the four sectors in which it operates,
continued to invest in emerging markets.
About Alstom
About 100 Alstom, operating with 92.000 employees in the country; Power generation by power plant,
Grid's business in the fields of energy transmission and transport in the areas of rail infrastructure
is a leader. The company leads the industry in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies
and gives direction. Alstom, the fastest train in the world and the highest capacity automatic subway
systems. The Group signs 2011 billion Euro turnover in 2012 / 20
It has taken.

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