Alsancak Station closes temporarily

Due to the Hilal Transfer Station and the Kahramanlar-Akıncılar highway underpass construction works, which are being continued by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN's transfer services in the direction of Alsancak Station will be temporarily stopped as of November 11, Sunday. In this process, where the regular voyage order will not be affected in İZBAN, only the Alsancak Station will be disabled, ESHOT General Directorate will organize transfer flights between Halkapınar-Alsancak.
While the number of passengers in İzmir suburban system-İZBAN line increases day by day, the development of the line and the completion of the deficiencies continues. In order to complete the construction works of the Hilal Transfer Station and Kahramanlar Akıncılar highway underpass built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to be completed quickly, 11 will be temporarily suspended for flights to Alsancak Station as of November. During this time, passengers who want to go to Alsancak direction will be transported by ESHOT General Directorate to take off from Halkapınar Transfer Station. Aliağa-Menderes and vice versa will not be affected by the studies. At the end of the work planned to last 3 months suburban system will return to normal order.
Within the scope of the Izmir Commuter System, which is the largest public transportation project in the history of the Republic, a transfer station is built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to Hilal. With the station under construction, significant relief will be provided in the rail system and the journey time will be shortened. Thanks to a new suburban transfer station that will be integrated into Hilal Metro Station, the passenger density experienced by İZBAN and Metro's intersection at Halkapınar Transfer Station will also be greatly reduced. After the new arrangement, where Hilal Suburban Station will also function as a transfer, like Halkapınar, passengers coming from Üçyol direction by metro will not have to enter Alsancak to transfer to İZBAN and Menderes direction. Passengers coming from Menderes direction can also go to Üçyol direction by transferring to the subway using Hilal Transfer Station without entering Alsancak.
Within the scope of the Izmir Suburban System, a lower road will be constructed to the point where the Kahramanlar-Akincilar level crossing is located, which was previously closed in terms of safety and security of citizens. Vehicles and citizens sitting in the area will use this subway for crossings. Uninterrupted transportation from Kahramanlar to the Aegean Quarter will be provided with the 320 meter long highway crossing.

Source: Star Agenda

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