Mount Ararat ´na Cable Car

Mount Ararat

Tourism is a very important event that contributes to the promotion and economy of countries. For this reason, developed countries transfer a significant portion of the country's income to promotion, tourism and so on. Most countries closely follow all developments, contribute to the promotion and the economy, spend high amounts of money to participate in the fairs organized and to promote their countries.

Our country is very rich in terms of tourism but it is not very advanced in most branches except for sea tourism. In terms of the region and our district, especially if we are very indifferent, although domestic and especially foreign tourists are the focus of attention, foreigners come thousands of kilometers to contribute to our economy.

When we look at the backward, tourism graph of Doğubayazıt, we can observe increases from time to time. Although the tourist bed capacity in the district is quite nice, due to the decrease in the number of tourists in recent years, hotels have almost reached the point of closure. Business people who have invested in this issue have been in a very difficult situation.

Ishakpaşa Palace, Mount Ararat, Meteor Hole, Ice Caves, Noah's Ark and many other tourism values, as well as historical and cultural tourism and natural beauty, our district deserves a considerable tourism investment. Only Mount Ararat is a potential. If this potential can be evaluated, it will be a great opportunity for our district. kazanim provided. Our Honorable Governor, Mehmet Çetin, stated that they are in preparation for a project on Mount Ararat and that with this project, work will be carried out on the construction of a cable car at 3200 meters of Mount Ararat. Governor Çetin stated that feasibility study support will be received from universities in this regard, and the Ski federation will also support this. A serious contribution to the winter tourism of Mount Ararat kazanIn the project, a ski track and a hotel are also considered.
In recent years, we frequently wish to implement such important projects as soon as possible. We know the sensitivity of our governor on investments. For the realization of this project, we hope that everyone involved will show the same sensitivity and create public opinion with the warmth of the issue.

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