Adana rail system and boulevards

Adana rail system and boulevards
Sakarya does not forget the mentality of trying to destroy the honeyed railway lands extending to Adapazarı Train Station with a freaky Rant İş like Balıklı Gar Project. It shouldn't be forgotten. Or we can't leave the city for our children!
You will take the ball of the politicians who are not exclusively urban, who are elected to the Metropolitan Administration and whose vision is only IS-Rant. Let's see the Adana Rail System, which has built the neighborhoods of the poorest areas of Adana!
Adana Rail System, a project that will save Adapazarı exactly! Because; It is not half as much as Adapazarı, but the railway passes through Adana. And, the Adana Rail System is under the railway in Adana.
There are countless irrigation channels that divide Adana from east to west. Adana Rail System passes through hundreds of meters of viaducts.
Adana Rail System total 14 km like UM 3,5 km Tunnel; 5,5 km Viaduct; The rest is Open Rail! It's just 5,5 km Viaduct for Rail! How many inches of viaducts and tunnels in Adapazarı? Where's that vision?
Sakarya BBB Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu also wishes to visit Adana! If the city can see how many bridges, how many bridges, how many bridges are on the Seyhan River,
Both sides of the Seyhan River are 20-25 km. a magnificent PARK belted with double road! The city is connected from north to south, from east to west via the boulevard-Duble roads, which are 200-250 meters!
20-25 km Bulvar-Double Roads! Yummy Parks on them! They are all woven with the statues of the artists of Adanalı, the statesman. Yasar Kemal, Abidin Dino, Orhan Kemal, Yilmaz Güney! And the deputy of Adana BBB is also the AKP!
It is my duty to commemorate the fact that this is Adana Metropolitan Municipality President Aytaç Durak who was dismissed from his post in the AKP period.

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