The nostalgic tram line's wires broke off in the hunger strike!

📩 25/11/2018 15:06

KESK, TMMOB, TTB and DİSK took action on the Nostalgic Tram line that made a Taksim-Tunnel expedition in Taksim Square yesterday to support the hunger strikes. The slogans "Long live the brotherhood of the peoples" "We do not want death, we want a solution" were frequently chanted in the action attended by approximately 200 people.
The professional organizations and trade unions calling for the government to prevent the death of their hunger strikes made a press statement here. KEKS Istanbul Branches Platform Sözcüsu Mustafa Turgut, "hunger strikes in this critical phase, especially the government, everyone is calling to act responsibly, people who are starved in hunger for the death of their demands to keep dead, we expect the environment to be made more difficult," he said. After the statement, the group acted for a while.
Trolley wires broke
At the time of the sitting action, one of the electrical wires that enabled the operation of the Nostalgic Tram line, which carried out the Taksim-Tunnel expedition, broke with fire. The 600 volt wire fell in the middle of the action group. There were no injuries.

Source: T24

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